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July 2nd, 2018
Team Transfers
This week Lion Cubs are transferred from group Setermoen to group Hamar in the Semi Pro XV tournament, and suddenly there's some teams below them on the score boards.

Best of luck to the proud sponsors of the "Best Stunty Team Award" during this years Keffo Kup XVIII.
- The Ref
June 29th, 2018
The Punishment, Season XII
Per match a team failed to play during Elite Season XII, a random player has been FINED through a bounty of 20.000gp to their "person".

The teams that failed to play their scheduled matches during Elite Season XII were:
- Bardu Bengals (1 match)
- Doxic Avengers (1 match)
- Smashkit Dozers (2 matches)

The random players fined on behalf of their teams are:
- George mcBrewski
- St Bloaty McBloatface
- Ian Timmi Dait
- da Boss o'Moons

Happy Hunting!
- The Ref
June 28th, 2018
Stranger Things Have Happened
Catching everybody off guard, Motbydelig Horde and their coach Kyrre exploit the fact that both teams above them on the Elite Season XII score board were absent for the South Conference Final, taking their place and winning the title!

Hence they take the South Conference Champions title and Trophy Of The South home.

We, the AnBBL Staff and commishes of the league, have approved the SC Final, both despite and due to the circumstances.
- The Ref
June 1st, 2017
Sanctions against.. Kim
As all the players on Pyongyang Panthers are named kim, there will be no possible way to know who actually did what.

#The following is an explanatory event from the Semi Pro:
The referee: "Who scored that touchdown?"
...Not seeing as he was busy expelling a fouling player named Kim....

Kim "It was Kim".

The referee: "What? Then who did I just send to the dungeons for fouling?"

Another Kim "oh, that was kim".

#So much confusion:
This has caused so much complaints from the AnBBL MVP Comittee and the league of referees that the AnBBL Commisioner Council has decided to remove the skaven team from the elite season, Season XII.
- The Ref
Apr. 25th, 2017
Tournaments old and new
Da Keffo Kup XVII is over, well played! Our first NAF Sanctioned Tournament! Congratz to Nuln Gunners for winning!

Da Semi Pro XIII has ended, well played! Our longest running tournament ever, I believe, from november 2016 to april 2017.

Fear not, there's new tournaments to enter!

- Semi Pro XIV - for casual gaming, you may enter up to 10 teams!

- Nelly's League - for scheduled play at Nellys bar in Hamar, you may enter 1 team (and you should live close by..)

There's also the Champions Cup, for all our winner teams!

And there's some rumours of a new Elite Season...

Stay Tuned!
- The Ref
Mar. 8th, 2012
Buzz Violence Cup
We recommend all coaches to bring a team to this years Buzz Violence Cup.

The Cup will be arranged somewhere in the upper parts of the South Conference region, namely the city of Hammer or in the nearby Roaming Valley.

The AnBBL Staff will attend the event to award Cup MVP's.

Visit the Buzz Violence Cup Forum to se tournament specifics. A document for signing up has also been distributed to all Coaches administration.

Come 'n get some!
- The Ref
June 5th, 2011
The Finalists
"Nozdormu have taken a team to the final for the 3'rd season in a row, and now with the mighty Norse.
And this time without getting a fine from AnBBL staff." - Nozdormu

Well, as he was the only one to submit all his monthly bribes, we did'nt really need to fine his players. In fact, we'll succumb to his wishes to skip the semi finals, giving him a bigger chance for a medal in this seasons playoff, just because he's so nice and dutyfull.

The other finalists? We wish them the best of luck as well..
- The Ref
June 12th, 2010
MVPs for Season IX
The MVPs are:
Offence: Mathrengyl Bearwalker
Defence: Rudiger Rattus
Defence#2: Nemi

According to the MVP rules Draconian Devils receives a bonus of 100 000gp (2xMVPs), and Ratten Kameraten receives a bonus of 50.000gp.
- The Ref
June 10th, 2010
The Punished players, season IX
The players who drew the shortest stick, hence bountied 40.000gp were:
Torgrim Tyn on Ratten Kameraten
J Jones on Slaves of Succubus
Mr. Inzigoq on Lustria WildCats
Skree and Sulli Khan on Drunken Rattlers

The players next in line, bountied 20.000 gp were:
Ratten Kameraten:
Halvgrim Prolaps, Günther von Rinnstein, Der Rattenführer and Rattus Norvegicus

Slaves of Succubus:
Kempr Manc and GK Wille

Lustria WildCats:
Mr. Tockai, Tepchicc and Tenqankha

Draconian Devils:
Arnold, Dolph and Rook Hawkfist

Drunken Rattlers:
Bulli Khan, Mori Khan, Massa Khan and Switz
- The Ref
June 10th, 2010
The Punishment Season IX
A total of 13 games were left unplayed in this season. Measured up aganinst the total of 20 games, that's the worst percentage played in an alpha season so far.

The following teams receive this number of fines:
Ratten Kameraten, Fined 6 times 20.000gp
Slaves of Succubus, Fined 4 times 20.000gp
Lustria WildCats, Fined 5 times 20.000gp
Draconian Devils, Fined 3 times 20.000gp
Drunken Rattlers, Fined 8 times 20.000gp

The fines will be sponsored by us, AnBBL Staff, as a whole, since we can't think of any other reason than poor league management for this horrendously poor percentage of played games...

The players will still get bountied though.
- The Ref
May 22nd, 2010
Untrue Rumours!
The rumours of us withdrawing the AnBBL Champions' Trophy, merely because the North Conference teams are to lazy to organize themselves, are untrue !

The greatest trophy of all times will offcourse be up for grabs in any season we have champions worthy of it, i.e. in any season we have an alpha group playing scheduled matches and a ruthless playoff.

Hence the AnBBL Champions' Trophy for season IX will go to the team winning the South Conference Finals, in addition to the South Conference Trophy.

To the rumours of us not allowing participation in a playoff unless the team has played at least three games; also untrue!

Any team that has played at least one game is eligible for the playoffs. "The Punishment!" and the points system are both designed to make up for team failure to play all scheduled games.

The show must go on...
- The Ref
Dec. 2nd, 2009
Season VIII Champions and MVPs
Season VIII has come to an end, with the following glorious results:

Draconian Devils wins the SC & AnBBL Champions Final
Horrid SkinEaters pulls SC and AnBBL Silver
Kadrin Kazad Nutcrackers barely saves the SC Bronze

KraKrac Kurnuts earns the MVP Defence, with 28 defence SPPs.
Gwytherc earns the MVP Offence, with 49 offence SPPs.
- The Ref
Nov. 21st, 2009
The Punishment (Season VIII)
The punishment has been carried out according to league rules.

With 12 AnBBL ALPHA games unaccounted for, a total of 24 fines were issued, only players from Lords of the Pit escaping the punishment as they managed to play all their games.

Of the total 480 000gp needed to cover the fines, 280 000gp were withdrawn from the fined players' team treasuries, while 200 000gp were covered by the AnBBL Staff.

All the money was used to bounty the following players:
Duftham Skulltakers, #6 and 8 once each, while #3 and 10 was fined twice each.
Kadrin Kazad Nutcrackers, #1, 2 and 9
Jungelfeber, #3, 12, 13, 15 and 16.
Men in Tights, #3, 5 and 11.
Ratten Kameraten, #1, 2, 7, 8 and 9.
Draconian Devils, #5 and 6

This marks the end of regular season VIII, let the playoffs begin!
- The Ref
July 11th, 2009
MVPs season VII
The MVP Offence for season VII breaks all previous records scoring an amazing 73 SPPs, the highest number of SPPs for a single season so far in the AnBBL history! The MVP Offence is also the first AnBBL player beoming Legendary, overshooting the magical 176 SPP limit with 10 SPPs.

The MVP Defence was sadly killed in a late season match, as Ianus von Fogspirit removed his head and drank all the blood tossing the empty body aside, depriving him of all the joys and pleasures receiving the MVP price brings.

Fluffy Papaya was awarded the MVP OFFENCE
Hihahneas Holytackle was awarded the MVP DEFENCE post mortum

Congrats to these AnBBL Titans!
- The Ref
June 27th, 2009
The Punishment
The punishment has been carried out according to league rules.

A total of 18 players were fined, of those only 2 was from the south conference - well done! (Non arranged cross-over matches is not counted into the punishment this season..)

Of the total 360 000gp needed to cover the fines, 170 000gp were withdrawn from the fined players' team treasuries, while 190 000gp were covered by the AnBBL Staff. All the money was used to bounty the following players:
Firey Tigers, #5, 10 and 4
Lucky 13, #8, 11, 1 and 11 again.
da Kruncha Bunch, #4, 6, 9 and 16.
Wychwetyl's Troupe, #4 and 7.
Ballistic Angels, #12, 14 and 4.
Nuln Undertakers, #6
The Journeymen, #2

This marks the end of regular season VII, let the playoffs begin!
- The Ref
Jan. 14th, 2009
Lustria WildCats added to the SC Elites in the last minute.

This leads to more mathces, and a total of 10 matches pr team.

Good luck to all of you! :)
- The Ref
Jan. 2nd, 2009
MVPs Season VI
Both MVPs for season VI scored an amazing 44 SPPs, the highest number of SPPs for a single season so far in the AnBBL history, rightfully earning their MVP prizes.

Intemperance was awarded the MVP DEFENCE
Blodberg von Cryptchant was awarded the MVP OFFENCE

Congrats to these AnBBL Titans!
- The Ref
Dec. 20th, 2008
Wildcard rule used again!
Duftham Skulltakers enters the SC playoffs, using the wildcard rule.

This is the second time a Semi Pro team enters the AnBBL playoffs, the first team beeing Bordellaux Broncos in Season V, then making it all the way to the AnBBL Champions' Final.

Though beeing a Semi Pro team, Duftham Skulltakers have some experience from the Alpha groups. If this helps them in the SC playoffs remains to find out.

Stay tuned!
- The Ref
Dec. 11th, 2008
"The Punishment" executed
The Punishment has been executed as the regular season for the ALPHA groups has ended.

The following players are fined 20.000gp in Season VI:
Thjolldir, Frey, Hrolf, Maturare, Vulpes, Tormentis Verberare, Arare, Undytoof, Modrill, Agarnon, Shadowfast, Dubya, Meningitis Rex, Zplit Tounge, Alatuah Battlepotion and Stan Ding.

The following player is fined 60.000gp in Season VI:
Theodore Rosebed.

Happy hunting!

Teams loose league points as follows:
Ballistic Angels : 6
Wychwetyl's Troupe : 6
Lucky 13 : 8
da Sneaky Runtz : 2
Azgorh Ravens : 8
Jungelfeber : 4
Elve Elegante : 2
Lords of the Pit : 2
- The Ref
Nov. 1st, 2008
Entering last month of season VI
"The end is near!" - snotling paper boy in the Iron Rock Mines.

Well, it's not the end of the world (or is it?) but Season VI is coming to an end as we enter the last month for the alpha teams.

The deadline for registering scheduled matches is midnight November 28th, so there's still 4 weeks to play the last remaining matches.

Qualified coaches should get together and plan for playoffs on Saturday Nov 29th, Sunday Nov 30th or at an earlier convenient date.

Best of luck to all of you!
- The Ref
Oct. 17th, 2008
AnBBL MVPs Introduced!
The function is now operational, hence the MVP prizes from all our ALPHA Seasons have now been awarded, including the kick off tourney, the Speed Boosta Cup.

This is the MVP OFFENCE players:
Nargle, Hrolf*, Fagitivius*, Gurgoile and Willy Vånd**

This is the MVP DEFENCE players:
N'go-kar, Ammiditana, Marduk Firemane, Koff Pox and Khorne Colossus

* Two MVPs OFFENCE in Season II
** Awarded the MVP for Season IV and Season V

Congratulations to the MVPs!
Here's the MVP prize rules
- The Ref
Sep. 9th, 2008
MVPs, Player Prizes and Trophies
1. Player prizes function
Player prizes is the same as our trophies, exept that they will be given to players instead of teams. A bit further to go on the implementation of this though.

When the the player prizes function becomes operational, we'll introduce a medal for AnBBL Legend players, and for the seasonal MVP's.

2. MVP rules edited
With the introduction of the new automatic calculation of our MVP's, the players no longer have to be on either the TD or COMP list to earn the Offense MVP or on the CAS/Kill/INT list to earn the Defense MVP.

As soon as the player prizes function is operational, we will reward the MVP's for all our past seasons (exept Season V, cause they're already effectuated).

The rules comitee is also discussing the possibility to introduce a MVP Allround award, for the player(s) earning the most SPPs during a season (including SPPs from in-game MVP awards).

3. Trophies updated
The pictures for trophies have been updated to better represent the prize they are. (We've only got 15x25 pixels for the trophy pictures though...)
- The Ref
June 27th, 2008
MVP houserules edited
The rules for the AnBBL Season MVPs have been modified slightly.

The MVP's are now found by SPPs, and not by number of TD's+COMP / CAS+INT. Changes done after testing the system.

Here's how the MVP stats are looking right now (June 27th). This may change by the end of the season though!
- The Ref
June 23rd, 2008
The Punishment Season V
For season V, 8 games never got played. 1 in ALPHA SOUTH OSLO, and 7 in ALPHA NORTH. In ALPHA SOUTH HAMAR all the scheduled games were played :)

Per the agreement mentioned at the bottom line in the entry forms for the alpha seasons, a fine sounding 20 000gp have been issued to the teams per match they did not play.

The following players are fined 20.000gp in season V:
Ste El, Zplit Tounge, Birger Sokneskaret, Thjolldir, Fenris, Frey, Nargit, Greebomb, Clobberdug, Nobnob, Saevus and Monstrum

The following players are fined 40.000gp in season V:
Yargh and Apodemus Sylvaticus

Due to lack of treasury on most teams, AnBBL Staff had to sponsor 160 000gc to bounty the fined players.

When it comes to points, theese are the rulings:
Ballistic Angels : -10 points
da Kruncha Bunch : -8 points
Lucky 13 : -8 points
Lords of the Pit : -2 points
Jungelfeber : -2 points
Myklagaard Hounddogs : -2 points

The Ref
Come'n get some!
- The Ref
June 17th, 2008
SC alpha deadline postponed
Due to a very well documented application from Elve Elegante and Azgorh Ravens, the SC deadline for alpha games is pushed to Sunday June 22nd at midnight (2400hrs).

The deadline will not be pushed any further.

The NC deadline is still this friday, June 20th. (Unless someone has a good reason to push this one too for June 22nd)

the AnBBL Staff
- The Ref
June 16th, 2008
Playoffs coming up!
Remember the deadline for regular ALPHA games - it's this friday, June 20th.

Games not played by then will result in "The punishment". So at least remember to use your money for something before the collectors come to collect!

All team managment will be locked for as long as it takes the AnBBL Staff to enforce "The punishment", stariting 2400hrs on Friday June 20th.

"Come'n get some!"
The Ref

"You'll never walk again!"
- The Ref
June 9th, 2008
Bookie hired!
We welcome Fritz von List as the new AnBBL bookkeeper.

Rules for betting can be found in the first post of this topic. You should also use the AnBBL - Die Buchmacher thread to post your bets.

If you're not a gambler, press the eye next to the topic bulletin to shut it. Then you won't be tempted by new posts in this topic ;)
- The Ref
May 24th, 2008
We're hiring!
Positions in the AnBBL Staff awailable for grabs!

We need volunteers for the following jobs (w/description):

2 Recruitment officers
(1 for NC and 1 for SC)
- Think new about recruitment, come up with recruitment ideas, make posters, host tourneys and put whatever bright recruitment ideas you come up with into life
- think about how to do this without spending money, or with charging enough money to cover any expenses, withouth it scaring possible players away.

1 Bookie
- run a bookie thread in the forum, making fluff about anticipated results in upcoming games and tourneys, define/make the model for da Bookie
-(optionally take bets in gold coins from teams, paying them back if they win, come up with betting system that'll be manageble, da bookie use the AnBBL Staff gold coin resources)

- design and build trophies for all our tournaments, leagues, awards in general. (1st priority)
- Think about new banner designs, with coin design included. This part of the job might be replaced by talkbloodbowl.com contests.

1 paymaster
- control the money flow of the real life organisation
(as head commish I'm already doing this, but if someone else with bright ideas about safe money management wants it - it's up for grabs)
- manage / updating the AnBBL økonomi thread in the forum.

This applies to all jobs:
All positions will be a part of the AnBBL Staff, and get admin rights to this page(if needed). Salaries are non existant, the AnBBL økonomi thread in the forum sets guideline for money usage.

If you're a dedicated bloodbowler and want to contribute in managing the AnBBL, send me an email where you apply for one of the jobs above.

The Ref
Come'n get some!
- The Ref
May 21st, 2008
Deadline for Season 5 ALPHA games
The deadline to play the scheduled ALPHA games for season V, is set to midnight on Friday June 20.

The Ref
- The Ref
Jan. 1st, 2008
And a Happy NEW YEAR!
Soon the seasons will reset.

Stay tuned!

Good luck to all in the new year!
- The Ref
Dec. 24th, 2007
Merry x-mas!
Eat well til you swell :)

Best wishes to everybody in the AnBBL!
- The Ref
Nov. 21st, 2007
Playoffs Season IV!
Finally it's time for the playoffs, and this time you all fight for a prize worthy of the effort!

NC Semi Finalists:
Ballistic Angels vs Wychwetyl's Troupe
da Kruncha Bunch vs Purple Bluebirds

SC Semi Finalists:
Elve Elegante vs Jungelfeber
Salacious Sybarites vs Ratten Kameraten

The AnBBL Champions' Trophy will count as a free reroll for the team winning it this season. It's a very famous trophy too, so the ekstra MVP is still handed out to the player that receives it first at the award ceremony.

So come and get it!
- The Ref
Nov. 21st, 2007
The Punishment!
We had to cash out 240 000 gp to sponsor the "cancelled game fines" for season IV.

It's you who's supposed to be punished, not us! This is the last time we do this, for the next seasons we'll withdraw points from your score instead!
- The Ref
Sep. 21st, 2007
AnBBL Champions' Trophy
Hi there teams.

We're upgrading the AnBBL Champions' Trophy to a free team re-roll this season. This is implemented for the team winning the "AnBBL Champions' Final IV". Until then the old rules apply.

We'll get back to this in our AnBBL Rules closer to the playoffs.

Also trophies for the NC Final and the SC Final will be implemented with custom rules.

Come'n get some!
The Ref

- We drink Keffo -
- The Ref
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