Firey Tigers

Race:  Human
Coach:  The Ref
Beeing former circus artists, all players on the Firey Tigers are used to hard work and traveling the world.

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Bulletin board from the coach
Jan. 3rd, 2009 - old news
Ready or not - here we come!
Holding da Golden Keffo Orc hopefully will give us the advantages we need to survive in the NC Alpha season.

Also, as The Ref has a good connection with most of the starplayers, we'll get the support we need when needed.

Most importantly, our courage and experience as circus artists can overpower and outwit any opponent.

Prepare your selves, we might just unleash the beast!
- The Ref
Sep. 25th, 2008 - old news
da Keffo Kup
What a great tourney! We had some really tough opponents and some strangely great intervention by nuffle!

We did not anticipate to win against the mighty Duftham Skulltakers, but luckily they had angered their god - leaving many of their players out of the game in second half, so we could control and stall the winning TD.

Deado Fnight , our top scorer of da Keffo Kup scored amazingly 5 of our total 7 TD's!

Reia Montestasjea Gain and Sikan D. Stroy sadly succumed to the toughness that is da Keffo Kup.

Ford Givento have'nt been the same since he emptied da Golden Keffo Orc of Keffo Koffee, now a Keffo Frenzy glowes within his eyes!

We look forward to travel to any tourneys around the globe, as travelin is our lifestyle.
- The Ref
Sep. 3rd, 2008 - old news
Chaotic Ballpractice
We had great fun crushing the Blackheart Heralds yesterday, winning the two matches combined 9-1 in touchdowns. A lot of our players got more experience, all in all a sucsessfull night :)

Sadly Dogin F. Romderain were killed, and our QB Deado Fnight was a bit to blitzing for his own good - leaving him resting at the sideline for the next match.

In the second match Payn M. Onopoly even threw a long pass, as a last resort stopping the chaos 1-1 touchdown from happening, eventually giving us a 2-0 lead in stead :) When everybody chips in, great work is done!
- The Ref
May 21st, 2008 - old news
Grand Tournament Nottingham
The experience attending a tournament gives is great. Lots of great teams to play, and some strange tactics to test out.

We played fair for our coach's first official tournament ever, ending up ranked as team number 51 of the 178 attending. With this result we prooved ourselves better than Capshaw with his Lords of the Pit (Early Years) at 58th and coach Gagalion who took his skaven team to the 127 place, even though we did'nt play any of those teams during the tournament ;)

We had 3 wins, 1 trade and 2 losses. Gurgoile is satisfied with this result concidering the close matches we played.

We have now enlisted to the AnBBL Semi Pro's league, hoping to reach the ALPHA group some time in the future.
- The Ref
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