Purple Bluebirds

Race:  Human
Coach:  The Ref
The Purple Bluebirds is a light footed, but versatile team.

The brave linemen take on any opponent in close combat, the strong blitzers make holes for the fast receivers and the charismatic and precise throwers leads the players to do their best.

Redbeard Bkorg is there for some extra strenght against the rudest of opponents, shutting their pie-holes.

Coached by The Ref, Purple Bluebirds look upon the future as theirs.

Purple Bluebirds team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Mar. 29th, 2021 - old news
New team-mates!
Our long time sideline crew are finally allowed on the field, during the game and not just during post match cleanups, a message received well by both Samwize "Waterboy" McMuffin and Jens R. Ichardio. Even the team management sought this to be usefull, saveing some player hiring fee expenses... Redbeard Bkorg is also most certainly looking forward to the next couple matches, having what he calls "two new play-flings"..
- The Ref
Feb. 1st, 2008 - old news
Basic training
"Yarrh! This is not a result worthy of my time! The players need to get some more basic training." - The Ref

With those words, The Ref declined to coach Purple Bluebirds for another elite season. Hence the team were forced to leave the ALPHA North group, to play amongst the Semi pro's.

"I'm shure he will regret this when he see our results in the NC BRAVO next season." - Ivan Shureglove

Simon Says, reporter in the "Moscow Post": "Sven Normin, you chose to retire in the midst of season IV. It shure seemed like Purple Bluebirds could use your kicking skills on the pitch. Do you miss the team?"
Sven Normin - "Well, actually team management gave me the choise of retirement as they had to cut the Team Value, to lower the expenses or something. I'm loving my life as it is now, but also look forward to coaching the next kicker in line. To bad the kandidates keep getting killed and different skills... My father always said "Never underestimate a good kick" - though he ment when barfigthing"
- The Ref
Jan. 30th, 2008 - old news
Bring it on!
"This will not be a replay of our last match against Wychwetyl's Troupe, as it will be reversed!

Come'n cheer us all fans! Here's free tickets:
Purple Bluebirds - Wychwetyl's Troupe (Season IV, NC Final)
Oh, and there's a 20.000gp bounty on Elimrun, so keep them rocks pooring down on from the stands!

To our beloved wood elf friends - Come'n get some!"
The Ref
- The Ref
Jan. 9th, 2008 - old news
What the heck are they doin?
I know the elves don't drink beer, but the Ballistic Angels probably does nothing but it... Come on you lazy bastards! Get that last Semi Final out of the way and face your nemesis in the NC Final! We're waiting for yah, so Come'n get some!
- The Ref
Tournaments played:
Season II, Season III, Season IV, Season VI, Season VIII, Semi Pro XI, PåskeKamper13, Semi Pro XVI
Playing in:
Champions Cup, Semi Pro XVII
Trophies won:
AnBBLChampionsTrophy: Season III
NC Silver: Season IV
SC Champions: Season III




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