Duftham Skulltakers

Race:  Chaos Chosen
Coach:  MaestroEJ
co-coach:  Arnjeir
Duftham Skulltakers will crush, we will kill, we will clean up the scum and we will win!

We have no mercy and our goal is to kill as many as possible, then to win!

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Bulletin board from the coach
Aug. 14th, 2007 - old news
Coach gone to Wales to coaching camp.
Duftham Skulltakers coach Arnjeir has gone to Wales to a coaching camp to upgrade his coaching skills.

Nobody knows how long he will be but he left his team in the hands of MaestroEJ!

It is unsure if Duftham Skulltakers will be playing any matches while Arnjeir is gone, but they will for sure practice!
- Arnjeir
July 1st, 2007 - old news
Lost 2 games.
We just lost our 2 first games in this season but we played good!

Playing against Elve Elegante we lost 2-1 and right after we played against Ratten Kameraten and lost 4-2.
- Arnjeir
July 1st, 2007 - old news
New Chaos Warrior!
Ruun Snorre Hjarveig, Skjolf Ardi Hjarveigs brother has joined the team!
After his brothers death we asked him if he wanted to join the team, he said yes and are ready to payback for his brothers death.

Look out for some skull crushing!
- Arnjeir
Tournaments played:
Season II, Season III, Season IV, Season V, Season VI, Season VII, Season VIII
Playing in:
Champions Cup
Trophies won:
AnBBLChampionsTrophy: Season VII
SC Champions: Season VII
Keffo Kup silver: Season VI




Coached by Arnjeir during Season III.

Coming to a town near you!

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