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Race:  BBL Staff
Coach:  The Ref
co-coach:  Capshaw
This is the characters that's in charge of the AnBBL, the pieces that keep the engines running.

All staff members have some form of career in the game of Blood Bowl. Most of them are players that have drifted into new realms of BloodBowl - finding they can make as much money in this more relaxing way as a staff.

It has never happened that the AnBBL Staff have had to take the field for any reason, and it most likely will never happen. Nonetheless, they all try to stay in shape.

The AnBBL Staff is led by The Ref, Commish of the AnBBL.

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Mar. 23rd, 2020 - old news
First Wildcard set in motion!
BATtling Cobras is the first team to cash in on their Season XIII wildcard contract, bringing Ike Lonesome back in from retirement as Clubber McLegs is sent crowdsurfing and killed by fans. Wait, whoms fans?

The AnBBL Staff is happy to see the Wildcards in effect, pleasing the ever so blood thirsty crowds..
- The Ref
Mar. 10th, 2020 - old news
Yes, wildcard contracts are real!
As you can read in the news, we've formalized some contracts with old (more or less) stars of the AnBBL.


The conditions that will have to be met might seem difficult to achieve, but we encourage all teams to try their best to help each other getting their former players back! We've even helped Nuln Gunners beeing better able to help the other teams.. And remember, there's always that extra G.F.I. or difficult dodge chain to go to if the other teams won't help you.
- The Ref
Nov. 13th, 2018 - old news
Nellie's Golden Juggs up for grabs!
So it goes, Nellie's virgin tournament is almost over, her juggs soon to be in the hands of either Kemmler's List or Royal Apothecary Society, as they will compete in the Final match of Nellie's second tournament, the B cup (as it soon will be known as).
- The Ref
July 2nd, 2018 - old news
Team Transfers
This week Lion Cubs are transferred from group Setermoen to group Hamar in the Semi Pro XV tournament, and suddenly there's some teams below them on the score boards.

Best of luck to the proud sponsors of the "Best Stunty Team Award" during this years Keffo Kup XVIII.
- The Ref
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