Ballistic Angels

Race:  Norse
Coach:  Paratus
Byrþi betri berrat maþr brautu at,
an sé manvit mikit;
auþi betra þykkir þat í ókunnun staþ,
slíkt es válaþs vera.

(A better burden no man can bear
on the way than his mother wit:
and no worse provision can he carry with him
than too deep a draught of ale.)

Esa svá gott, sem gott kveþa,
öl alda sunum,
þvít fæ'ra veit, es fleira drekkr,
síns til geþs gumi.

(Less good than they say for the sons of men
is the drinking oft of ale:
for the more they drink, the less they can think
and keep a watch over their wits.)

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Bulletin board from the coach
Feb. 19th, 2009 - old news
Female influence
BA's latest addition, Thorgunn, obviously motivated the rest of Ballistic Angels to step up during Wychwetyl's Troupe - Ballistic Angels (Season VII, NC 2), on the new Wychwetyl's Troupe field Elmfield Road.

It seems like having a female on the team gives the BA a reason to get rid of their nick "the Bitch-slapped Angels", and rather making it "the Bitch-slappING Angels"

If Alfarinn hitting Fas'Tas Ligthning to greener pastures (past a panicing Wychwetyl Apoth) and Lupus killing Glowindark is just a whiff, only time will show.
- Paratus
Oct. 18th, 2008 - old news
Zara the Slayer
You would think that stakes would do the trick against a vampire team, but the Buffy-wannabe "forgot" to get her stakes blessed before the game between BATtling Cobras - Ballistic Angels (Season VI, NC10), causing ALL her stabs to fail.
I've already said it about Wilhelm Chaney and I'm saying it about Zara as well: DONT SPEND YOUR MONEY ON THESE SO CALLED "STAR-PLAYERS"!
- Paratus
Oct. 7th, 2008 - old news
Wilhelm Chaney...
...starplayer? - Up my darkest ally.
Gready son of a cow i s more like it!!! Accepting the hard-earned gold of Ballistic Angels to play in Ballistic Angels - BATtling Cobras (Season VI, NC5).
And what does the low-life piece of monkey turd do? With the first glance of the whimpy vamps of BATtling Cobras he fakes an injury, and spends the rest of the match in the safety of the dugout counting BA's gold...
- Paratus
Sep. 3rd, 2008 - old news
Extra training
After da Sneaky Runtz - Ballistic Angels (Season VI, NC9) the Ballistic Angels statkeeper adviced Paratus to arrange for extra dodge training.

"To win a game we have to stay on our feet..." is Paratus' only comment after the horrible event...
- Paratus
Tournaments played:
Season II, Season III, Season IV, Season V, Season VI, Season VII
Trophies won:
AnBBL Bronze: Season II


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