da Kruncha Bunch

Race:  Orc
Coach:  Red Skullz
Head Coach Red Skullz takes to the field with his personal cadre, da Kruncha Bunch.

An unhealthy mix of bashers and ball players form up a team which is set to take gold with Red himself in the main role on the pitch. Hopefully he`ll manage to control this team of thugs, killers & a cute little goblin (with very sharp teeth!) or else it`ll be total animosity.

Listen to da Kruncha Bunch`s official theme song, "Some Bodies Gonna Get It!".

da Kruncha Bunch team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 14th, 2007 - old news
da Kruncha Bunch is the only team in NC Group A with the CAS statistic in their favour!

Go Kruncha :-D

Oh and we`re currently in the lead of the group as well!
- Red Skullz
Oct. 14th, 2007 - old news
Kruncha (light) Style part III
In our latest match, Wychwetyl's Troupe - da Kruncha Bunch (Season IV, NC 2) we knew we where in for a tough match! Not that we where afraid of getting physically beaten but by their sheer speed and agility.

Head Coach Red Skullz had a solid plan though, namely classic "basher" style!

It proved to be solid enough even if we`re disappointed in the small number of CAS we made during the match...the ladz will be reprimanded for this, after all da Krunch-a-Holics expect more from us!

- Red Skullz
Oct. 2nd, 2007 - old news
Kruncha Style! part II
In our latest match da Kruncha Bunch - New Orc Giants (Season IV, NC 4) we yet again showed who`s the baddest krew on the roster! It should be added that our faithfull Krunch-a-Holics helped out in beating New Orc Giants around but still ;-)

Now Lucky 13 or Wychwetyl's Troupe...who`s next?!
- Red Skullz
Sep. 22nd, 2007 - old news
Kruncha Style!
Oh what a match yesterday against Ballistic Angels! We gave no quarter and demolished them so soundly that most of the players that ended up in the box didn`t even dare step out on the pitch again...

Foolish that they thought that by putting me out of a game would make the team play any poorer! With no one out there to control the ladz they just went on a rampage :-D

Wychwetyl's Troupe...here comes da PAIN!

- Red Skullz
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Season III, Season IV, Season V, Season VII
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NC Bronze: Season IV, Season V


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