Bowl Brothers

Race:  Ogre
Coach:  The Ref
"Ogres and snotlings playing for the same team? When that day comes pigs will fly and I'll certainly coach the odd bunch myself"
These were the words of Paratus (Head coach for Ballistic Angels) when he first heard the idea for Bowl Brothers.
Well, at the day of the creation of Bowl Brothers pigs were thrown (by Snarelock), hence Paratus helped the strange coalition entering the AnBBL.

Bowl Brothers team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Mar. 30th, 2020 - old news
The Punting Game
Mecharun has returned from Runt Punter training, adding a new play to our playbook.
- The Ref
Mar. 24th, 2018 - old news
No Bounty?
The match against Bardu Bengals was foretold to be an easy match, but proved different. Why?

The source to theese troubles have been identified:
Hirr, elected to go to the bounty office to put a motivational bounty on Chris Walkens, stole the sack of gold coins for himself, believing that mere thought of someone having a bounty on their head would do the trick. Hirr even forged the bounty note and planned to escape with the treasure during the match. This proved wrong when Hirr, sneaking across the field and towards the exit after the first properly motivated touchdown, was caught in the kickoff crossfire, slowed down by a bag of coins, and killed by Leebron Jenkins.

The true cause of this "heroic" act, initially cheered on by the fans as a successfull attempt to field 12 players, was revealed when the sack of 30kgp were found on Hirr's body in the dugout moments later. The rumour could not be stopped from reaching the field, and soon all the runts found themselves in dangerous situations, hoping to get injured and hence get a glance, or even a tiny share, of the gold pieces in the apothecary's quarters.

Mystery solved.
- The Ref
June 1st, 2017 - old news
No bonus tonight
"Them rats to scared, tihihihh" - Swashcut

"Yeeezzz, them rats hid in the dark, hirrhirrsqueakyhihi" - Bunkle

"The little rat named kim. ran away with our bonus money you idiots, that's not funny!" - Tealy

"eh, no boss.." Swashcut

"right boss.." Bunkle

.... both runts continue their giggle as they leave the stadium heading for home, after a no show by Pyongyang Panthers
for tonigts arranged match....
- The Ref
May 2nd, 2017 - old news
Goin' Elite!!
We've taken a step up and signed in for Season XII!!

We won our last game, so we will surely win a few elite games too!!

Going for the AnBBL Champions Title and Trophy!!
- The Ref
Tournaments played:
Season III, Season IV, Keffo Kup X, Semi Pro XII, Semi Pro XIII, Season XII, Semi Pro XVI
Playing in:
Semi Pro XVII
Trophies won:
NC Silver: Season XII
Keffo Kup Bronze: Season IV



Transfered to The Ref in 2010 from Paratus, to participate in Keffo Kup 10 under new leadership.


Payment in gold is the best motivation for snotlings. Hence much of Bowl Brothers' treasury is often spent on bounties before a match, on players that the runts will then swarm to kill to the "Go Get That Guy Lads" shouts from Tealy.

The Fouling Game Statistics!

AnBBL Champions
RookieOfTheYear XX
Keffo Kup 18
Nellie's Golden Juggs
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