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Aug. 22nd, 2009
No Fear
We don´t fear Khorne Colossus and his infamous claws. Our AV is 7 already...

In addition Duftham Skulltakers lacks several vital skills on their team, and this is possible for us to exploit, provided Khorne Colossus and some other threats are neutralized.
- Hannibal Hector
Dec. 29th, 2008
Fall of the Titans
We took a break from the Elite Series this Season. For a long time we refused to meet the other, inferior Bravo teams, but finally Hannibal fell for the temptation anyhow. The team has relied too heavely on Superstars like Willy Vånd, and desperately needed more balance. Three games lead to three straight victories, but it is rumoured that next Season in the South will include several almost fresh teams, and that the age of Superstars are over. At least for a Season or two...
- Hannibal Hector
Nov. 11th, 2008
Rache ist süß
We prepared to outrun and outbeat Azgorh Ravens in the fifth SC Final, but Heimlich von Doom outsmarted us and entered the merry bunch of Bordellaux Broncos instead. In Bordellaux Broncos - Ratten Kameraten (Season V, SC Final) they beat us 3-2, but revenge is sweet; when we met in Ratten Kameraten - Bordellaux Broncos (Season VI, Semi Pro) we outscored them 4-1.

To bad it was just a Minor League game, and thus without importance...
- Hannibal Hector
July 14th, 2008
V for Verdammt
We were well prepared against the brutes in our league, like Lords of the Pit, but to meet elves instead of undeads in the final took us by surprise.

We had not the necessary skills to stop the all too common blodge/leap combo of Bordellaux Broncos, und thus we lost.

Vetle Werfer however, fumbled the ball for two turns, rolling 4 ones in a row, and was the definitive weak spot of the team this evening. The punishment for this is a motivational camp between seasons, where the disgraced thrower can work hard and sweat off a few pounds. Perhaps thiz can improve his movement?
- Hannibal Hector
June 25th, 2008
The original Ratten Kameraten looked like this:

Rat Ogre Rattus Norvegicus
Thrower Vetle Werfer
Storm Vermin Ralph Rattus
Storm Vermin Rudiger Rattus
Gutter Runner Willy Vånd
Gutter Runner Jorge Jordrotte
Linerat Torgrim Tyn
Linerat Ishmael Isjias
Linerat Halvgrim Prolaps
Linerat Konrad Coccyx
Linerat Lumbal Columna

Just eleven players could seem bold, but thanks to cheap journeymen for inducement money, things worked out quite well anyhow. This also hade the pleasent side effect of lowering the teams death rates substantially. Rattus Norvegicus from the very beginning was questionable, however. He took two complete seasons to develop into a deasent player, and has burned more than one blitz attempt over the years.

The death rates have, in retrospect, been surprisingly low. Only Ralph Rattus got killed, but three other rats have quit, mainly because they have been crippled.
- Hannibal Hector
June 23rd, 2008
Strong und Confident
From rock bottum to best in the grup in just two games :D
Our beloved Ratten now are at good health, and eager to play. Thiz iz juzt great, and we are eager to outrun Lords of the Pit and obliterate ze skinks of Jungelfeber. They are puny even by skaven standards...
- Hannibal Hector
June 14th, 2008
V for Victory
Finally we have broken our loosing streak when we met our arch rivals Elve Elegante. We outscored them with a single goal, much because of Superstar Willy Vånd, who scored twice.

Our coffers are starting to fill up with gold, but the players salaries are starting to concern me. Rattus Norvegicus now demands almost as much gold as five rookie linerats.

Jabo Schreck is now sacked from the team, partly to warn other, greedy rats, but mostly because he was earning 100.000 gc, and all he ever performed as a thrower was two completions. I refuse to pay a player 50.000 gc per completion, especially since we have meny other comepent ball handlers on the team.
- Hannibal Hector
May 1st, 2008
3rd loss in a row...
The team has never had a better roster, but still we have our worst season ever so far.

Threats like Rattus Norvegicus and Rudiger Rattus strikes fear into our opponents, but in order to win we have to score T.D.s, and that´s what we will focus on in the ramaining matches.
- Hannibal Hector
Apr. 20th, 2008
2nd loss in a row...
Our team has developed faster than any Gutter Runner from being a specialized passing team to a vicious bashing team. This lead us into temptation against Jungelfeber, after being bullied around match after match before. We admit that we somewhat forgot about the ball for a while. Our Gutter Runners also got K.O.ed early, and simply refued to reenter the pitch, and that didn´t exactly help, either.

We are now at the bottom of our group, and has to outwin Elve Elegante to go to the finals.

We started with bronze, advanced to silver, but now we ar struggling just to qualify...
- Hannibal Hector
Mar. 4th, 2008
In Azgorh Ravens - Ratten Kameraten (Season V, round 3) Richard made a 1/2 dice blitz twice, making 2 T.D.s for them. Winston threw like a god with his 4(!) completions for the game, and Joseph Zimmermann stopped a almost sure 2+(catch) 2+(dodge out, with dodge skill) 2+ (G.F.I.) with a Re Roll left 3-3 T.D.


In a brief statement the head coach Hannibal Hector sums up the game pretty much like this:

"SCHEISSE! Verdammte Fützen! Sheiss-Ratten! Jeden Spieler für die Ratten Kameraten sollten eine lange Zeit in die tiefesten Volter-Kammern in unsere Gebirge für viele Jahren gewesen sind. FÜTZE!!! ACH, ACH, ACH...SHEISSSSSEEEEEE! HÖLLE! HÖLLE HÖLLE!!!"

Translated into English this roughly means "Rats".
- Hannibal Hector
Feb. 19th, 2008
Perfect start
In the 200th game ever in AnBBL, Ratten Kameraten met Elve Elegante.

The game set a league record with a total of 9 touch downs scored. This was done with 7 different players. A total of 11 Completions is also a record, but this record is shared with two matches earlier in the league history.

Fluffy Papaya proved to be almost unstoppable for the rats, but luckily for us Ihlaon Throwmaster had a nervous breakdown when he should pick up the ball for his final pass for the match. Rattus Norvegicus K.O.ed thrower legend Alatuah Battlepotion earlier in the game, so the pressure on Ihlaon Throwmaster was immense.

The fact that some of Hannibal Hectors henchmen showed Ihlaon Throwmaster a picture of his wife prior to the game was meant as an act of friendlyness, and was by no means at all an attempt to bend the mind of poor Ihlaon Throwmaster.
- Hannibal Hector
Jan. 30th, 2008
Back in business
After the last game against Bordellaux Broncos every single player on the team is now recovered. Willy Vånd was injured even before the ref blew his whistle last game, and seemed to have a lot to prove, both to himself, but more importantly to Hannibal Hector.

Willy Vånd scored 2 T.D.s, and he tops both the "Top Scorers" and the "Most Experienced" categories in the Hall of Fame. He is now the first super-star ever in the league, and is worth a staggering 200.000 pieces of gold now. Hannibal drools while calculating statistics for the teams performance in the league, but the teams accountants dispair; their opposition gets enormous amounts of gold in inducements. The contribution of a super-star to Ratten Kameraten is therefore questionable.

Reinhard Rattus "The Beast" was a pleasent surprise, and achieved very well during the game, with a total of 2 goals and one interception (the first ever for the team).
- Hannibal Hector
Jan. 27th, 2008
Enough Warpstone for everybody...
After being battered in the fourth season the team was exhausted and needed to calm down with a friendship game with their Warpstone loving friends Dunkelwald Rammers. The game was anything but a recovery for the rats, but they managed to equal the score to 2-2, their first draw ever.

The team earned enough cash to enlist the promising Reinhard Rattus (check out the pid!), but sadly both Rattus Norvegicus and Jabo Schreck was seriously injured and have to miss the rats next game. So all in all it was one step forward and two steps backwards for Ratten Kameraten.
- Hannibal Hector
Dec. 17th, 2007
From 2-0 to 2-4 :(
Ratten Kameraten had ridiculous luck in the first half, and lead the game comfortably 2-0 at halftime.

This lead to overcnfidence and total lack of a plan B (or C), and the luck ran out. After the second half the score was 2-2, end the game went into overtime.

The rats were exhausted and decimated by this point, and desperate measures like fouling the oppositions key players only made matters worse.

The end result therefore were 4-2 to Jungelfeber, and they deserved their victory.

Congratulations to Jungelfeber, but look out for the rats next season! Bronze in Season III, Silver in Season IV, you don´t need to be a warpstone engineer to figure out that the outcome should be in season V, statistically...

It´s hard to be rats, though;
Of existing and former players
29,4% of the players have suffered serious injuries, and
11,8% of the players have died.

- Hannibal Hector
Dec. 11th, 2007
The SC Final Countdown
The SC Final, and hopefully the Bronze Final as well, will be played this sunday.

The Ratten Kameraten are looking forward to this. Hannibal Hector has made large changes to the team lately, sacking old, established players, and hired many fresh, promising ones.

(To be brutally honest Salacious Sybarites forced these changes as a direct result of the game Salacious Sybarites - Ratten Kameraten (Season IV, SC Semi Final).)
- Hannibal Hector
Dec. 6th, 2007
Sometimes it hurts to support the few stars on the team...Ralph Rattus made the ultimate sacrifice, and was killed. Longe Conicio and Vetle Werfer are crippled...

The 2-1 win was bittersweet, but as old Hector himself says;

"Klagt nicht; kämpft!!!!

- Hannibal Hector
Nov. 21st, 2007
We are by no means at all contemt with "The Punishment" treaty of the League. According to the treaty Ratten Kameraten has been punished twice for this season.

First because Lords of the Pit never had the time to meet us.

Secondly because Salacious Sybarites refused to meet us.

A funny consequence is that Lumbal Columna is ranked higher in the bounty office than Willy Vånd.

Lumbal Columna has the AV of a halfling, and wasn´t worth his salt even before the bounty.

This is more unfair than the infamous Treaty of Gisoreux. I´m glad that there will be set completely other consequences in the next season.
- Hannibal Hector
Nov. 20th, 2007
The decision is...
that Ratten Kameraten enters the final. There are a number of reasons for this:

1) Three elf teams in the finals are dull.

2) Two teams of the same race in the finals are dull.

3) Hannibal Hector is a rat.
- Hannibal Hector
Nov. 20th, 2007
The Final Countdown
Will Hannibal Hector take the oppurtunity to switch teams? Or will some other coach snap the oppurtunity in the last moment? Two of the four SC finalist teams are uncertain at the moment, so much can still happen, even if the deadline is set at noon this wednesday.
- Hannibal Hector
Sep. 25th, 2007
The rats won Ratten Kameraten - Iron Rock 69'ers (Season IV, SC 3) 5-2, and star of the team Willy Vånd scored all 5 goals for the rats.

The team politely says no thank you to the offer from Jungelfeber to eat Jorge Jordrotte. He now has more of a support role on the team, after his disastrous block against Jungelfeber. The role as assistant runner and smoke screen on the team seems to suit him quite well.
- Hannibal Hector
Sep. 18th, 2007
Close, but no cigar
The team worked hard, and managed to hurt a much stronger opponent as much as they got beaten themselves. Vetle Werfer failed a short pass at a critical moment, leading to a goal the wrong way. In the final seconds of the match Jorge Jordrotte only needed a one dice block against a skink without block to dodge to a free zone and score, but rolled a skull, ending the match 2-3. One the other hand Jungelfeber was very close to a touch down in ther final turn in the first half, a botched dogde ruined a sprint for a easy goal.

Normally the fans would focus their anger on the head coach, burt this time the team played more than decent, but didn´t have the margins on their side, this time. Jungelfeber won the match fair and square, and the match was a very close race from the first turn to the last.
- Hannibal Hector
Sep. 16th, 2007
Strange coincident
Hannibal Hector denies any involvement with the infamous hitman Tony Harding, who seriously injured head coach of Jungelfeber Gagalion yesterday. Critics have claimed that delaying the match while star of the team, Jorge Jordrotte, recorvers is very convenient for Ratten Kameraten, and a large money transfer from the team to Tony Harding is suspiscious.

Hannibal Hectort admits that the whole thing can seem a bit dogdy, but claims that Tony Harding only was hired as a chiropractor for the team, and that a bat is nesessary to loosen up the muscle tensions of Ishmael Isjias. Hector says he is chocked by the fact that the hitman used the bat in such a way.
- Hannibal Hector
Sep. 7th, 2007
Seasons forst victory
Head coach Hannibal Hector, who have been under a lot of stress lately, is more than happy with starting the season with a 4-2 victory. The teams star, Willy Vånd, wasn´t able to celebrate the victory with the rest of the team, though.

The head coach also has a degree in nutrition, and have found that a mix between warpstone, the secret ingredient TPB and other, equally secret ingredients helps the team develop physically, just take a look at Rudiger Rattus
- Hannibal Hector
Aug. 21st, 2007
I am not quite happy with the effect of the warpstone on the team, Willy Vånd excepted. Therefore I have decided to speed things up a little for the next season.

I have got hold of a luminescent barrel marked "TPB", which hopefully will act as a catalyst to the warpstone and increase both growth and number of extremities on the team for the next season.
- Hannibal Hector
July 5th, 2007
More victories
The rats met a human team, the Purple Bluebirds, for a match at their home stadium to day. More than twice as many rat spectators showed up for this match than for the last match. Expectations were high, but the rats took the oppurtunity to score by every little slip the humans had. The humans had exactly three mistakes, and with a vastly improved defense the rats only allowed a human carrying the ball into their End Zone once, setting the final score to 3 -1. The fans went wild and massacred a human stupid enough trying to sell Rats-on-a-stick during the game.

However the strong defensehad its toll on the team; Lumbal Columna lost a jock strop, and Konrad Coccyx now has a limp the team apothecary says will be permanent. Also one of the stars on the team, Willy Vånd, got a horrible injury in his face. The injury is so disgusting that even experienced blood bowl players lokks away in disgust then they have the oppurtunity to a close look at him, so this damage actually was a pleasent surprise to the team.
- Hannibal Hector
July 1st, 2007
Finally victory
Today the rats fought against the Duftham Skulltakers. The first block in the first turn of the match badly hurt badly hurt Chaos Warrior. The new head coach kept to the team philosophy, and took every oppourtunity to score, even if it meant taking risks.

The plan worked very well, and the team won 4-2 over the Forces of Chaos. To be honest the victory wasn´t nearly as superior as the winning scores suggest; the Skulltakers was only one lousy catch away from a clean touch down in the sixth turn in the second half.

The rats broke loose a toilet from the wardrobe and carried the ecstatic head coach around the football arena, using a toilet brush as a improvised scepter.
- Hannibal Hector
June 18th, 2007
Staus Quo
We have never won a fight (nor match...), but at least we can still walk.

The series has started with two straight losses. The team only had four players on the field on som kick offs against Elve Elegante, but was still able to score. The defence was of course more troublesome, so the match ended 2-5.

The second match, against Lords of the pit, was more even. The Dice Gods favoured the rats, and Rat-Kam fought evenly against the much sturdier opposition. There were far fewer goals, but the rats ended the half 1-1, and knew that they should recieve the ball in the second half kick off. As expected the team managed to brake the lines of the Lords of the pit, and Willy Vånd rushed with the ball, and were just inches away from the end zone when the coach had the not so brilliant idea to stop him from scoring, since Willy was in a safe position. Some of the undead moved a lot quicker than the coach thought, so Willy was blitzed, and with a long pass and a hand off the ball wass suddenly deep into the rats own half. Almost no rats were on the own half, and the Lords of the pit could easely halt the game for a 2-1 victory.

After the game the furious rats drowned the coach in the loo, since he alone was to blame for the loss.

The team has now hired Hannibal Hector as head coach. His main tactic is, when possible, always to score. After all, you can only get reinforcements for the fragile rats after a TD (and of course after a half, but that´s a very long time to wait for a team with perhaps four players on the field).
- Rune
June 2nd, 2007
Status Quo
Har aldri vunnet en slåsskamp, men kan fortsatt gå.

Har startet serien med to strake tap. Laget hadde til tider bare fire utespillere i første kamp mot Elve Elegante, men var allikevel i stand til å score. Forsvaret ble det imidlertid verre med, og det endte til slutt 2-5.

Andre kamp, mot Lords of the pit, var langt jevnere. Terninggudene var klart på rottenes side, og Rat-Kam gav og tok omtrent like mye juling. Mål ble det mindre med, men de kunne gå til pause med stillingen 1-1 og vite at de skulle starte andre omgang med å ta i mot ballen. Laget klarte å bryte gjennom rekkene til motstanderlaget, og Willy Vånd sto klar med ballen bare centimetre fra motstanderens End Zone. Da fikk treneren den lysende idéen å stoppe Willy for å hale ut tiden. Willy var tross alt trygg - Trodde treneren. Enkelte av de vandøde klarte imidlertid å forflytte seg urovekkende kvikt, og med en takling og en kjapp pasning og hand off senere hadde ballen plutselig gått fra motstanderens End Zone til min egen. Slikt imponerende pasningsspill er noe man nesten bare ser hos de mest rutinerte alvelagene. Riktignok er skaven kjappe, men nesten uten spillere på egen banehalvdel kunne faktisk Lords of the Pit hale ut tiden og vinne 2-1.

Rottene druknet treneren i do etter kampen, og har fått en ny hovedtrener som uttaler at de ALLTID skal gå for å score. Det er tross alt bare etter scoringer at man kan sette ut nye reserver på banen.
- Rune
May 20th, 2007
Eager to play
We are ready to play, and can travel as far as Oslo and Hamar. With only two gutter runners on the team Setermoen is too far away.
- Rune
Ratten Kameraten
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