Vetle Werfer

Vetle WerferBounty of 20 kgp
Skaven Thrower,
Ratten Kameraten

   Draft List number: 2  

Value: 205,000 gp

Interceptions: 1
Deflections: 0
Completions: 100 Record!
Touchdowns: 2
Casualties: 0
MVP awards: 1
Unspent SPP: 38 (112)
Fouls: 0





6 3 2+ 2+ 8+ Sure Hands, Pass, Accurate, On the Ball, +AG, Block, Tackle, ?

Sustained Injuries: -MA

Plays for Ratten Kameraten with number 2.

There is a bounty of Bounty20 000 gp on this player's head.
This player is the league's thrower top thrower

Vetle Werfer was an astonishing talent as a rookie, but over the years he has become slower. This is made up for by his experience. In addition intensive yoga courses seem to have paid dividends, since he is much more agile now than he has ever been before.

Despite his skills he isn´t vital for Ratten Kameraten, since the gutter runners on the team all are excellent ball handlers too. In average Vetle Werfer isn´t responsible for more than half of the completions the team make.

-Is the 2nd most successful thrower alltime in the league.
-Made 8 successfull passes in the match Ratten Kameraten - Elve Elegante (Season VII, Semi Pro).

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RookieOfTheYear XX
Keffo Kup 18
Nellie's Golden Juggs
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