Slick Defenders

Race:  Norse
Coach:  the Ferryman
From the cold North, in the city of Asker there once was a group of slick people wearing pink bandanas, jeans tucked in their socks and a un-normal tan for this cold cold place!
Theese guys obuisly wasnt the thoughest lads around, so they infact needed some strong, reckless studs defending them!
Theese studs have now converted in to a BB team, leaving the slick, tan, bandanawearing daddy boys behind crying.

Watch out! The defenders of slick are coming for you!

Slick Defenders team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
June 9th, 2011 - old news
The Final!
After 2 losses of 2 possible this season vs the current holder of the AnBBL trophy, Slaves of Succubus, Slick Defenders face a massive challenge to turn the tides, And with both Offence and Defence MVP within reach, there will be something to play for till the final turn even if the TD balance tips to the Kehmri's advantage.

May the best underdog win! Voff
- Nozdormu
June 3rd, 2011 - old news
Nozdormu have taken a team to the final for the 3'rd season in a row, and now with the mighty Norse.
And this time without getting a fine from AnBBL staff.
- Nozdormu
May 30th, 2010 - old news
Opponent Wanted!
Slick Defenders are currently looking for opponents so they can be ready for next seasons Alpha league.
- Nozdormu
Nov. 22nd, 2009 - old news
Cup washed away!
Slick Defenders are in harnisk after recieving the message of that the pitch where the cup was being held, was washed away in a tsunami, and therefor postponed.

After spending a few weeks in training camps, cut of from their own brewed beer, this neews was hard to swallow.

"We want to crush and beat something or someone!" -Vilje Sigmundsson states.

And with the newly formed team of "man-haters" -Public Man Slaughter, theese really manly-mens in Slick Defenders got the challenge they hunger for!

Alf Hjalpreksson: "Olga, you're mine! I will crush you"

Nozdormu confirmes that this is a official challenge. Will Public Man Slaughter accept?
- Nozdormu
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SC Silver: Season X


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