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Anarchy Blood Bowl League (AnBBL) offers a way to play and register your table top matches of Blood Bowl in a tournament setting, keep track of player progression and set (and beat) mind blowing (more or less) records!

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Elite Conferences & playoffs explained.

AnBBL mainly consist of teams originating from two regions of Norway and due to long distances the AnBBL has two conferences. Teams up north attend the North Conference while southern based teams attend the South Conference.

Through the Elite Seasons or the Champions Cup coaches battle to win the ultimate AnBBL Chamipons' Trophy, to get their name on the AnBBL Champions Totem and to become reigning AnBBL Champions!

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Coin toss= won on cointoss and not by match

AnBBL are open to all, Fritz von List explains:

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"All roads lead to Rome" they say. Well there's also many ways to becoming AnBBL Champion.

The shortest route is to prepare your team through various tournaments and then enter an elite season when they're ready to win! This is also the most common route, so expect to meet some obstacles.

Another option (taking the long road) is to get your team a ticket to the Champions Cup, by winning any AnBBL tournament, and becoming the ultimate Champion when all other teams with a Champions Cup ticket have been knocked out!

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Presented by Team Anarchy
Presented by Team Anarchy
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July 12th, 2024
Oslo BBL sVI reqruiting!
Able to play once a month in Oslo?

Then register for the sixth season of Oslo Blood Bowl League and battle to take home the Tiger Trophy!

Tourplay link:
- The Ref
May 25th, 2024
Elite Season XIV
Two teams have signed up for season XIV, we need a few more to open the contest to steal the AnBBL Chamions´ title from Ratten Kameraten.
- The Ref
Apr. 18th, 2024 - old news
Halfings Munge C-Cup Trophy Buffet
Løiten Liniemænd also won he much less important final game against Crimson Tide. The teams cup performance can mostly be attributed to the exeptional performance of Halvulf Aasgaard. 21 touchdowns in 10 games not only earned him the MVP Offence, he also ended up snubbing Lillith, the Firstborn in becoming the AnBBL all time top scorer.

Crimson Tide got away with Nellie Silver Juggs and 60 000 gold

The bronze final Lokomotiv Löten Underminers - Half Pint Heroes (Nellie C-Cup, C-cup Bronze) was narrow win by Lokomotiv Löten Underminers. There are no Nellie Bronze Juggs as this is written. The commish council may or may not be looking into it.

Other worthy mentions are Sherry Eik earning MVP defence with 7 casualties

Yuri earning a total of 55 SPP in 13 games (third place). Yuri was also the only player on record with an interception.

Alton Greenbottle the most anti social player with 6 fouls recorded fouls.

More individual player SPP can be found here

This concludes Nellie C-cup. Keep an eye out for Nellie D-Cup or the upcoming Lustrian Jungle Bowl.
- Kyrre
Apr. 1st, 2024 - old news
Vampires chose Halflings
By getting the most points in Nellie C-Cup, Crimson Tide won the privilege of chosing their semi final opponent. Surprising no one, the vampires chose to face the much lower valued Half Pint Heroes. In the other semi final Dwarfs will be bashing halflings.

Crimson Tide - Half Pint Heroes (Nellie C-Cup, SEMI)
Lokomotiv Löten Underminers - Løiten Liniemænd (Nellie C-Cup, SEMI)

Great Green Alloy Emporium, Rattsburgh Skitters, Brawlin' Bitches and Gobstomperz have been added to semi pro xx
- Kyrre
Apr. 1st, 2024 - old news
Nellie's curse an ongoing problem
Unfortunately, it turns out that there are still health problems linked to Pubben Nellie. Moving to a different location did nothing to mitigate the filth. One random lineman in each of the teams that completed Nellie's C-Cup has caught the awful side effects of spending too much time at the pub. The player will suffer from the effects of Nellie's Curse until the day they die.

Like many of the patrons at Pubben Nellie, a player suffering Nellie's Curse gets the skills Decay and Foul Appearance.

The unlucky cursed players are:
Renfield Jr.
Habib Al-Lautini
Alton Greenbottle
Sheet Metal

Due to the persistent nature of every one frequenting the establishment, any player suffering from Nellie's Curse will not take no for an answer and can MUST be redrafted and may never be retired.
- Kyrre

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