Result of Season XIII

  Team trophy    Winner Race
& coach
  AnBBLChampionsTrophy   Ratten Kameraten  Skaven
Hannibal Hector
  AnBBL Silver   Motbydelig Horde 1994  Chaos Dwarf
  SC Champions   Ratten Kameraten  Skaven
Hannibal Hector
  SC Silver   Motbydelig Horde 1994  Chaos Dwarf

  Player prize    Winner Type
& team
  MVP Offence     Azgali Bounty (120000 gp) Hobgoblin Lineman
Motbydelig Horde 1994
  MVP Defence     Rudiger Rattus Bounty (220000 gp) Skaven Blitzer
Ratten Kameraten
  AnBBL Legend     Haluelie von Coldcurse Bounty (120000 gp) Vampire Blitzer
BATtling Cobras
  AnBBL Legend     Ianus von Fogspirit  Vampire Blitzer
BATtling Cobras

Concluding the 13th Elite Season the Season XIII Final is also the last match by the old rules.

By this the start of a new era will commence, with the AnBBL introducing the BB2020 rules.

Rudiger Rattus takes home the MVP Defence after a whopping 48 star player points from tackling alone, and another 5 from the MVP itself, scoring a total of 53 SPPs this season! Now, that's got to be some sort of AnBBL Record!

Azgali takes home the MVP Offence with a little less, but still impressive, SPPs with 9 touchdowns for 27 SPP.

AnBBL Champions
RookieOfTheYear XXI
Keffo Kup 18
Nellie's Golden Juggs
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