Lustria Ancients

Race:  Lizardmen
Coach:  BlåRev
Raising from the depts of the Sommerstua jungle
the Lustria Ancients appers for the first time in the blood bowl league. For them there are no difference between fotball and war. Their ultimate goal is to kill as many as possible regardless of the score.

"Hunt them down, do not stop until victory is found, you do not know pain, you do not know fear, you`ll taste fresh flesh!!"

Lustria Ancients team badge
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Jan. 6th, 2015 - old news
Shape up
"After a long holiday we are ready for some more blood" Commented BlåRev on his way to the gym with the Ancients.
After a strong performence in Semi Pro XII the Lustria Ancients are shaping up for the upcoming season. With last years second place they know that much preasure is on them to performe.

After their evening practice BlåRev had only three words to say:
"Elves, six feet"
- BlåRev
Mar. 28th, 2014 - old news
Rival battle
The Lustria Ancients had to defend their place at the top of the semi pro when Shadows of Chrace challanged.
For at team win a long gone winning streak it seemed like a difficult task, but when elves goes up against battlehardned sauruses and think they can fight them off it becomes easy job for the lizards.
But a major mistake by the Ancients made the game interesting but they had no problem with taking the ball down 2 times vs Shadows with 1.

"A great day for blood and bowl. We show that we are a dangerous team that deserves the top ranking spot"
- BlåRev
Feb. 7th, 2014 - old news
New colors for the Ancients
The head coach for the Lustria Ancients BlåRev has decided that the yellow/green costumes are too similar to the Rotten Stirlanders costumes and made a purchase for new ones this morning. Purple and yellow are the color that has been decided to change the wind in the Ancients poor performance lately.
- BlåRev
Feb. 2nd, 2014 - old news
New playbook paid off, but mojo said no!
After a change in set-up and team tactic the Ancients where prepared to get revenge over the much hated elf team Shadows of Chrace. And it did go well with the Ancients, a failed go for it by Rew Ange made it nothing more that 0-0 after first half. All good for Lustria. And with a TD by a saurus there where hope in the end. Much damage were given and the flow was fine. But with a elf TD the score was tied and only 4 turns left.
The Ancients started to build their cage and when the 7th turn where to finish with a skink dodging into this box HE FAILS AND THE BALL FUMBLE just so a elf can pick it up and uncontested run it in, 2-1.

- BlåRev
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