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Semi Pro XVIII, søndagsball
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Black Roses

gate: 11 000
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Rowdy Ball Klubb


Chinese Fire Drill
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mercenary / star
mercenary / star
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Sent off

Mexican Standoff
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Kai Åge

Finn Sture

Chinese Fire Drill
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Norwegian Brunost
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Finn Sture
Sustained Injuries

Haitian Voodoo
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Result added September 12th, 2022

Match notes
The dwarfs were in high moral, since they got both Griff and Morg for this match, and the crowd was ready for a blood bath. The blood that was first spilled was from Morg, since he got stabbed in the face in the first round by Japanese Katana and he was to crippled to play anymore.

The rest of the game was more friendly, with no permanent damage, and by first half, the score was 1-1. With ancient dwarven tactics combined with Griff's speed, the final tally was 2-1 to the dwarfs.

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