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Semi Pro XVIII, Tirsdagsball
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Red Hot Chili Ballers

gate: 10 000
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The Great Green Alloy Emporium


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Carolina Reaper
Badly Hurt'ers
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Result added May 4th, 2022

Match notes
The first drive started with The Great Green Alloy Emporium on the offense, with help from Akorne himself. Akorne did not fare that well, after Carolina Reaper had a go with him.
Red Hot Chili Ballers had an good defence, and managed to steal the ball and score a TD late in the first drive.

The second drive, The Great Green Alloy Emporium had an devious plan, by placing all of its goblins on the line of scrimmage, as bait. Red Hot Chili Ballers took it, and managed only pushes against all the goblins, they also failed to pick up the ball a few times.

On the third attempt, Hari Mirch finally got the ball, and handed it to Serrano, who ran towards the end zone. To get safe, he had to rush a few steps. He stumbled on the third rush, only 2 steps from scoring. The goblins seized the opportunity, and by elven bullshit managed to get the ball within 2 steps of the other end zone, but in defense, Carolina and Scotch Bonnet barely managed to stop the ball carrier, making him fall over on a dodge, and The Great Green Alloy Emporium lost the opportunity to equalize.

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