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Semi Pro XVII, Bloody Wednesday
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gate: 16 000
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The Guinness Pigs


Vegoth Fellshard
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Grimbeard, the Pale
Grimbeard, the Pale
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Grimbeard, the Pale
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fans / random event
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Eric, The Swift

Sore Nethertaker
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Result added July 22nd, 2021

Match notes
After finding out that their elven-like passer had gotten a permanent tennis elbow, and would be doing long passes on 5's rather than 2's, the dwarves decided on a traditional push. Their glorious cage rolling down the pitch, only to be faltered by a leaping witch elf monstrosity. The ball was back in dwarven hands almost immediately, but due to greed; Or just a remarkable love for mechanical machinery, the runner decided to lurk on the edge of the pitch for another round, to the wrath of the onlooking crowd. The other witch elf pushed the poor runner through the endzone and gave the public what they wanted. Unfortunately she was dragged right along after the dwarf. Putting both in the infirmary.
These were the only casualties in the game. Again proving that the crowd is the most brutal part of this sport.

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