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Semi Pro XVII, Bloody Thursday Evening
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gate: 13 000
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Fungal FC


Rosalvo Dreadbringer
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Slaugoccus Pukephlegm
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Badly Hurt'ers

Blebius Mouldmunch

Run Forrest Run
Run Forrest Run
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Vegoth Fellshard
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Bludokh the Unclean
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Rokreras Duskstriker
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Result added April 15th, 2021

Match notes
The game started off with the nurgles of Fungal FC kicking the ball to the elves of Makhai. Sinnataggen lived up to his name, and already on the first turn he was stomping his boots on a Bloater on the ground. The ref did not like this, and sent Sinnataggen off after getting a snake-eyes roll on the injury roll. With their runners passing skill and speed, the elves found themselves mostly unopposed with a score. The ball was given to the Witch Elf Rosalvo for a touchdown on the fifth turn.

The nurgle team did not let a touchdown crush their spirits, and they followed up by knocking down elf after elf until they laid scattered and beaten on the ground. Fungal FC used this to their advantage, scoring an easy 1-1 touchdown while beating and fouling the elves senseless. Slaugoccus had the ball in a scoring position but decided to take it easy and delay the score for one turn, not giving the elves any chance to retaliate with a few good hits before the break.

The second half only saw one more score, but the Makhai coach admitted it was probably one of the more nerve wrecking halves he had been part of. It all started out with a brilliant kick from the dark elf Mugal, landing the ball neatly on the sideline, close to the midfield. The nurgles sent Bludokh the Unclean to pick up the ball, but he failed to pick up the ball and on the turnover Rosalvo leaped over him to assist one of the Blitzers to perfom a surfing blitz action on the unfortunate Pestigor. Run Forrest Run followed up by picking the ball and dodging out of any opposition tackle zone.
And run he did. He ran and he ran, from one sideline - almost all the way back to the elves own touchline, before continuing to the other sideline, standing all the way on the edge. The slow nurgles struggled to keep up and after a failed blitz the path was free for Run Forrest Run to end his long run and pass the ball off to Catch-me-if-you-can who scored the last goal of the game.

The elves must have smeared themself in with butter before the game, because they kept slipping out of the tentacle grasp of Fungal's Rotspawn, Blebius Mouldmunch, with only a single elf blitzer finding himself stuck.

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