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Semi Pro XVII, mandagsball
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Children of the Stars

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Winterland Waaaghers


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Result added April 12th, 2021

Match notes
It was a demoralized team of orcs who came to the field today. After the beating they received from the Makhai, elven, warriors. They had four journeymen, and two mercs.
The first half, was a slow brawl in the middle, over a ball which nobody managed to get up off the pitch.
The ref took pity on the orcs, on the next drive, after a rotter finally managed to spear the ball onto one of his talon-like claws, and shambled out of range of the enthusiastic brawlers (onto a touchdown a round later). Even though he did give a goblin a lovetap, that made him fall stunned to the floor, the same drive.
Even with the ref on their side, the orcs had a hard time busting through the nurgle lines, and a desperate throw was attempted, which did scatter the ball in the right direction. Alas the poor fellow did not land on his feet, allowing a rotter to pickup the ball, and make an unlikely pass, which made the ball randomly stick to a bloater tentacle. Which the fans seemed to find enjoyable as it slithered across the td line, for a 2-0 win.

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