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Semi Pro XVII, Bloody Friday Morning
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gate: 11 000
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Winterland Waaaghers


Sore Nethertaker
Run Forrest Run
Licrunnan Hellblade
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Licrunnan Hellblade
Morcac Netherbleeder
Badly Hurt'ers

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Morcac Netherbleeder
Sore Nethertaker

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Morcac Netherbleeder

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Rokreras Duskstriker
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Sustained Injuries

Niggling Injury
Atgrag dead
Result added April 9th, 2021

Match notes
It was a smoldering hot Friday morning, when the black orcs of Winterland Waaghers took on the dark elves Makhai. Makhai seemed to relish in the weather, while the half orcs struggled throughout the entire match.

The elves did what elves do, and found themselves surrounding the ball quickly after kicking the ball and even though they failed to catch the falling ball, their numbers were too great for the opposition to pick it up once the first turn had started.
After an early turnover on the orcs turn, the elves punished them hard by first causing an early injury on the orc Bograk before also killing another orc, Atgrag. With their runner picking up the ball, it was difficult for the early outnumbered black orcs to prevent a 1-0 lead for the elves. Meanwhile the orcs were pushing Licrunnan Hellblade around on the midfield before finally giving him a proper pow on the third attempt.

Realizing the game was already going to be a struggle from this point, Winterland Waaghers coach desperately demanded their troll to throw the goblin ball carrier across the field to attempt a score. Unfortunately, even though the throw was quite successful, the goblin did not have more movement and the elves quickly blitzed and powed him down before then picking up the ball once again.
The troll kept throwing goblins, now with the intent to hurt the elven players. But instead all it accomplished was harming their own goblin, causing it a niggling injury.
Bad went to worse for the orkish team when Morcac Netherbleeder knocked out Scix.
Nobody could fault the bravery of the suffering team though, as the stunty Smircok attempted to dodge in an attempt to surf the witch elf who was carrying the ball on the sideline. It was a close call but the goblin eventually fell on the very last dodge attempt.
Again, the troll attempted to throw a goblin but found himself very hungry. However the goblin in question managed to wiggle itself free from it's grasp before the great troll's maw could get their teeth on him.
Unopposed, the witch elf could now run and score.

The rest of the match were impacted by the overwhelming numbers of the dark elves, with little to no chance for the nearly desolated orcs to fight back. By the end of the game Makhai found themselves 4-0 up with additional goals by Run Forrest Run and Licrunnan Hellblade.

The smoldering heat kept on throughout the entire game, and both teams found themselves with 2-3 players needing to take a breather after every drive.

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