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Semi Pro XVI, søndagsball
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Children of the Stars

gate: 25 000
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Green Rangers


One That Should Not Be
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Lady Titania
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Karl the Cultist
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Ian I.A. Ftagn
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The Stranger Thing dead
victim regenerated
Result added December 20th, 2020

Match notes
It was a rainy day for Blood Bowl this Sunday, but it did clear up before the first ball landed on the pitch. The Nurgle team ran a good offense, largely helped by both wardancer's leaping themselves into the KO boxes during the first drive.

The elves were one dodge away from equalizing , but failed spectacularly. Ending the first half 1-0.

There was no stopping the elves in second half. Though, it did look like the Children of the Stars would make it 2-1 at the end, their dreams were smashed by Ciltuun who did a daring blitz through several tacklezones, literally mauling the nurgle pestigor standing in TD range with the ball. Killing it in the process. He did recover quickly from the fringes of death, unlike his unlucky twin, who met his end earlier in the match. Due to an angry wardancer's kick to the face.

All in all, it was a close, and fun bit of Blood Bowl.

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