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Match result

Semi Pro XVI, Tirsdagsball
Chaos Chosen logo
no custom badge
Howling Banshees

gate: 19 000
1 TD score 2
cas score
Dark Elf logo
no custom badge


Sin Claire
TD Scorers
Rokreras Duskstriker
Rosalvo Dreadbringer
Foulers (no cas)

Val Hella
Badly Hurt'ers
fans / random event
Serious Injurers
Rokreras Duskstriker

Pink Slips

Wanda Lust
Wanda Lust
Wanda Lust
Sin Claire
Completions By
Rosalvo Dreadbringer
Interceptions By

Mad Donna
MVP awards to
Rosalvo Dreadbringer
Sustained Injuries

Niggling Injury
Ruvar dead
Result added December 16th, 2020

Match notes
This was a long-winded farse of a match. Apart from a kill by Pink Slips, there wasn't a lot of stuff happening. The chaos team started a slow approach of the dark elf td zone. After a lot of back and forth, Wanda Lust managed to toss the ball up field, to Sin Claire who was waiting in range to score, leaving the elves a single turn to equalize. The Dark elves, riled by this; started the next half with a blitz. Roxana had done a lot of work for the team, but failed a jump, trying to surf Pink Slips. This resulted in a middle of the field Skirmish again. It was only resolved by an elven blitzer's desperate grab for the ball. 4+ pickup, 3+, 2+ dodges. Allowing him to run far ahead of any would-be pursuers. The otherwise professional Sin Claire did not hold her stand, and lost the ball in the next drive as well. The match seemed to go towards a draw, with Sin Claire two squares into scoring range, but again, the elves went against the odds, for a much needed pow. This left a mere regular beast man, or woman in this case, to attempt a 4+ dodge to score, which failed, ending the game.

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