Slaves of Succubus

Race:  Tomb Kings
Coach:  Capshaw
The entire army was raised by high liche priest Capshaw for one purpose, to destroy the world of men. But as Slaves of Succubus's only limited to the Blood Bowl court, i guess they also have a scoring purpose.

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Apr. 23rd, 2010 - old news
The Slaves could not quite keep up with the elves in todays match, but Capshaw is sure they will learn theyre play tactics and come back stronger and hungry for TD's. With the hunger for blood somewhat satisfied by Capshaw in Slaves of Succubus - Draconian Devils (Season IX, SC3)
- Capshaw
Tournaments played:
Season II, Season III, Season IV, Season VI, Season VII, Season VIII, Season IX, Season X, Semi Pro XI, Semi Pro XIII, Semi Pro XIV, Semi Pro XVIII
Playing in:
Champions Cup
Trophies won:
AnBBLChampionsTrophy: Season IX, Season X
SC Champions: Season IX, Season X



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