Match result

Season II, round 3
Team badge
Purple Bluebirds

gate: 24 000
4 TD score 0
cas score
Team badge
Lucky 13


profile Baxter Mittens dead
profile Baxter Mittens dead
Helmut Knockson
profile Baxter Mittens dead
TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)
Sent off

mercenary / fans / random event
Badly Hurt'ers
profile Obstare retired
profile Monstrum Bounty (20000 gp)

Helmut Knockson

profile Tarm Yetid Frapedro dead

Eightball McClansman
Lamex Use dead
Eightball McClansman
Eightball McClansman
Eightball McClansman
profile Tarm Yetid Frapedro dead
Completions by
profile Tormentis Verberare Bounty (20000 gp)
TTM Completions by
Interceptions by
Deflections by

MVP awards to
profile Fagitivius Bounty (150000 gp)
Sustained Injuries
Miss Next Game
profile Saevus Bounty (20000 gp)
profile Semianimis dead
Result added April 19th, 2007

Match notes
Beeing the underdogs (beeing crushed by Hooves of Hashut the previous game), Purple Bluebirds gets 210k in inducement. With another 20k from their treasury, the money is spent wisely to hire star player Mighty Zug.

Coin toss:
Purple Bluebirds wins the toss and defer to second half.

First half, 1-0:
Lucky 13 receives the ball, and gets it 2 squares away from the Purple endzone in turn 2. Baxter Mittens knocks the gutter runner out, leaving the ball for an easy pick up. This turns the game into a Purple Bluebirds game, as many of the Lucky 13 players is then knocked out or injured in turn. During this half Tarm Yetid Frapedro blocks Semianimis so hard that not even the finest skaven apothecary can save him from certain death. All this makes the rest of the half controllable for the Bluebirds, Baxter Mittens walking in the TD in turn 8.

Second Half, 3-0:
Still not beeing a lot of players after the rough treatment they got in 1st half, Lucky 13 ar outnumbered. To make the story short, receiving the first kickoff, a lot of passes, completions and knock downs from makes this an easy half for Purple Bluebirds. When kicking the ball after a TD, there was'nt many Lucky 13 players left to pick it up, and the Purple Bluebirds defence also stopped anyone who tried to run it. Also fumbles, failed GFI, double skulls on loners and pushbackresults on the rest made this a hard game for the Lucky 13 coach.

Players caught fouling:
Fredryck Bittersmuss for dirty talking at Monstrum
Players not caught fouling:
Fagitivius for a badly hurt.

Post game:
Final score, 4-0.
Deservingly Mighty Zug got the MVP, but not for causing the casuality. The fact that his mere precense gave Purple Bluebirds enough room to successfully run their passing game persuaded the panel.
Giving it all the way to the end, Fagitivius persuaded the panel for the Lucky 13 MVP.

Coach statements:
The Ref - This was an easy game for us, and thats good as our star players needed a rest. I'm glad our crushing game is back.
Come'n get some!

Rattus Maximus - This is the second time Saevus gets a "miss next" in 5 games.
There will be penalty practise blocking slaves all weekend!

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