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Semi Pro XVIII, søndagsball#2
Lizardmen logo
no custom badge
Red Hot Chili Ballers

gate: 11 000
1 TD score 2
cas score
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Black Roses


Scotch Bonnet
TD Scorers
Haitian Voodoo
Swiss Army Knife

Foulers (no cas)
Italian Gorgon Zola
Sent off

Badly Hurt'ers

Carolina Reaper

fans / random event
Completions by
Chinese Fire Drill
Chinese Fire Drill
Yorkshiv Pudding
TTM Completions by
Interceptions by
Deflections by

MVP awards to
Swiss Army Knife
Sustained Injuries
-1 AV
victim healed by apoth
Dutch Courage dead
Norwegian Jarlsberg dead
Result added June 13th, 2022

Match notes
At the end of the game, turn 16, and after injuring and killing several dark elves, victory seemed inevitable for the Chili Ballers. A simple hand-off would surely secure a win, but with no rerolls left, the story turned sour for the lizardmen. The ball was left on the ground after the failed hand-off.
Eyeing the slim, little chance of scoring there was, the Roses started their last turn, dodging into the square with the ball, surrounded by two or three players, using their last reroll, picking up the ball, dodging out, and, running towards Yorkshiv Pudding in glee, managed to stand in his way for the future dodge. Puddings hands caught the hand-off on a minus 2, dodged on a 3 and a 2, going towards their lone assasin, and passing the ball on a 5+. Swiss Army Knife, who had been completely useless for the entire game except for this one last moment standing alone in goalscoring position, caught the pass, and ran in the winning TD.

Nuffle is shrewd and tricky.

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