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Semi Pro XVIII, mandagsball
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The Guinness Pigs

gate: 10 000
1 TD score 1
cas score
Dark Elf logo
no custom badge
Black Roses


Yr, Son of Týr
TD Scorers
Yorkshiv Pudding

Foulers (no cas)

Sent off

Baelog Jr.
Olaf, The Stout
Grimbeard, the Pale
Badly Hurt'ers

fans / random event
fans / random event

Baelog Jr.
Baelog Jr.
Completions by
Chinese Fire Drill
Chinese Fire Drill
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MVP awards to
Norwegian Harm
Sustained Injuries
-1 AV
Brazilian Quacks
-1 ST
victim healed by apoth
Result added June 10th, 2022

Match notes
It was a lot of elves that showed up to today's match. More than twice that of the Dwarven audience. Eager to draw the favor of the crowds the dwarves opened with a double surf. Which led to two straight lasting injuries. The dwarves kept making minced meat out of the elves for the entire first drive, until only three elves were left on the field.
Sure that victory was already at hand, Erik the swift rushed the touchdown line, only to fall flat on his face, after burning a reroll on the gfi.
Luckily, the surfs must have worked for after four throw-in, the ball landed only two squares away from the fallen Dwarf runner.
The few players the roses had left was quickly boxed in at the start of next drive, but this was all according to plan, as they easily jumped over a fallen teammate, and ran the ball out of range of the short-legged fellows.
Balder tried some foul play, but no matter how much the ref was paid. The score of elven audience members were enough tfor him to react to even the slightest mistake of the dwarves. Straight to the red card, for him. Just to prove that point, the ref started the next half by beating Olaf into a pulp. Luckily, the final elven rush was fouled by tripwire as well, in round 16. Ending the game 1-1.

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