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Semi Pro XVIII, søndagsball#2
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Black Roses

gate: 11 000
1 TD score 2
cas score
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We do it in the Shadows


Brazilian QuacksTemporarily retired
TD Scorers
Count von Count
Foulers (no cas)
John Jameson
Sent off
John Jameson

fans / random event
Badly Hurt'ers
foul by Pyotr "Arse" Smirnov

Brazilian QuacksTemporarily retired
Margarita Henkel

Mexican Standoff
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TTM Completions by
Interceptions by
Deflections by

Glaswegian Kiss
MVP awards to
Dom Pérignon
Sustained Injuries
Niggling Injury
victim regenerated

Belgian Offal dead
Result added May 16th, 2022

Match notes
The Vampire team started off more aggressively than the referee enjoyed and already by the second turn the vampires had one lineman sent off for a foul. The coach clearly disagreed but the ref would have none of it and decided to send off the coach as well!
But perhaps encouraged by the spirit shown the vampires managed to get down the Dark Elf ball carrier only a few turns later and the attack was from the Vampire team.
The Dark Elves responded with throwing a fireball, burning four out of the five players it targeted. It was not enough however to prevent a touchdown on turn 8 and the vampires would go into the next half with a big advantage.

The first part of the second half was mostly the elven Witch Elf trying her best to take the ball away from the Elven team, after Norwegian Jarlsberg had done a clever leap play to interrupt the Vampire attack. But eventually the Vampires managed to scuffle the ball to a second touchdown after Lucretia passed it to Dragula who were waiting on the touchline.
The Elven fans were raging at this point and in their anger decided to invade the pitch, knocking down almost the entire front line of the Vampire team. The Dark Elves, encouraged, tried their best to get a consolation goal, and when it seemed the Vampires had managed to prevent a touchdown by causing the ball to end up at the other side of the pitch, Mexican Standoff decided that enough was enough and ran to the ball, threw it perfectly across half the pitch, right into the hand of Brazillian Quacks who ran and scored the final goal at the very end of the match.

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