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Semi Pro XVIII, Søndagsball#1
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Black Roses

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The Great Green Alloy Emporium


Brazilian QuacksTemporarily retired
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Result added May 2nd, 2022

Match notes
Of note in today's match, Black Roses newly acquired assassin, #1 Swiss Army Knife,
took a literal stab at it, at the Emporiums' hired star player. Taking out said player in first turn was sadly his first, and only, real impact on the game. Except maybe being able to stay on the pitch for most of the time. The Emporiums' star player managed one punch, and stayed in the K.O. box from turn 1.
The Roses' witch, #13, managed to at least make the game's only TD in the middle of first half. Emporiums' number 8, Zinc, should have answered with their own TD, but somehow managed to trip on the 1 yard line, ending 1st half.
Black Roses #12, Mexican Standoff, should have made their second TD, but tripped on the second go-for-it, on the goal line. The two teams coaches suspect a tripwire or two near the same goalline must have been in play today.
After getting a turnover, the Great Greens traversed all the way over for what seemed an easy TD, but the Roses minimal crew of eight players managed to fend them off. The elfen witch, Brazilian Quacks, frenzied her way onto the ballcarrier twice, picked the ball up, before on the next turn making a pass on the necessary roll of a six to a teammate, who ran upfield just to get the ball away.
The match ended with only one casualty as well, quite contrariwise after the dozens of hammerings from both sides.
Nice weather, though.

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