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Semi Pro XVIII, Kyllingball
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Ankerskogen Blodbaderklubb

gate: 10 000
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Blood Eagles

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Dina Død
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Badly Hurt'ers

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Dina Død
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Result added May 2nd, 2022

Match notes
Although, some confusion arose around the number of players on the pitch, and the amount of inducements that was supposed to be allocated to either side; The inability to count double digits would not deter the chaos coaches from playing a late-night match.
The match started pretty well for Ankerskogen, taking out the Khorne star player Agarond. This should've given them a clear strength advantage, but Ajax stepped in, and kept the troll down for most of the match. The Renegade coach also displayed a fine ability to surf, clearly impressing the Khorne coach, who's had a surprising low amount of crowd surfing done, for a team with only frenzied players.
Khorne walked in a touchdown turn 7 round one, and the audience went wild, storming the fields, and stunned Ankerskogen's siamese twin goblin, the only player who could have equalized in first half.
In second half, the only big guy performing was the Ogre. The troll were loosing a one on one matchup with the Blood Eagle kicker, and the minotaur was more bark then bite. When the goblin top scorer finally went to the KO-box, the match were mostly settled, 2-0, to the Eagles.

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