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Semi Pro XVII, Nelliesøndag#2
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Blood Eagles

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H.P. Lovedaft


H.P. Lovedaft
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H.P. Lovedaft
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Result added August 1st, 2021

Match notes
Necro started the of fence on this sunny day at the field. They started by brutally taking out both guard pieces of the Khorne team. Necro failed ball pickup after downed carrier in the Khorne end zone. Khorne champion, number 12 dodged out to grab the ball in a tackle zone, but the might wraith took him down with a solid pow. There was no time to move the ball up field, and round 1 ended with 0 tds. Khorne casualties continued in second half, but every single downed necro player regenerated. The winds of magic were too strong. With 5 relevant players on the field, khorne struggled to move the ball. A zombie also stepped down on the bloodthirster in a most foul foul. The Ref saw this, but the necro coach argued "Waht can I otherwise do against such a monster?", and the Ref agreed.
In the end khorne would've been able to score, but wanted more blood to flow. Sadly, the Khorne player cut himself, because khorne cares not from whence the blood flows. And as such, ended the match in a bloody draw.

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