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Semi Pro XVII, Bloody Friday Evening
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gate: 13 000
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Fungal FC


Run Forrest Run
TD Scorers
Slaugoccus Pukephlegm Bounty (100000 gp)
Foulers (no cas)
Sent off
Badly Hurt'ers

Morcac Netherbleeder

Glutrite Sporespurt
Abicus Flymaw

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Licrunnan Hellblade
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aka Vinnauk
Sustained Injuries
Niggling Injury
aka Vinnauk

mercenary / star
-1 ST

Virivak dead
Result added July 3rd, 2021

Match notes
Fungal FC were bloodthirsty as the league returned after a long break, Abicus Flymaw killed poor Virivak of the Makhai team immediately as the ref blew the starting whistle. The elves were angered from seeing their teammate killed and followed up by knocking out a lineman and even the rotspawn for the remainder of the half. It was a slow paced half as Fungal tried to grind their way to a touchdown and it looked like the elves were going to keep them at bay, but a clever play from the Nurgles granted them an important TD after they knocked down one of the elven players and their ball carrier graciously leaped over the prone elf.

The Rotspawn, embarrassed by being knocked out by some blasted elves, still refused to re-enter the pitch. The elves wouldn't take a draw as an acceptable result and looked for early openings to get their first touchdown. They did not lack for encouragement as one of their blitzers caused a niggling injury on a nurgle linesman early in the half, giving them just enough space to score a turn 4 touchdown by Run Forrest Run who lived up to his name with two GFI's.
Now, with the Rotspawn back on the pitch, the remainder of the half was a nerve-wrecking experience for both coaches and fans alike.
The elven kicker forced the ball towards the sideline, and despite the nurgle players best efforts to get the ball to safety, clumsy hands from the previous scorer caused a turnover and the elves quickly found themselves with the advantage. The nurgle team wouldn't have it, however, and suddenly nearly every player on the pitch found themselves clustered together with the rotspawn holding up nearly the entire elven team. Elves did what elves do best and dodged and ran across the pitch, and it looked like victory was at hand when suddenly their blitzer ball carrier lost his head and entered a frenzy and refused to leave the opponent player after pushing it to the side, the elven blitzer was punished for his frenzy when he found his feet stuck in a simple tentacle grasp from a nearby pestigor.
Despite desperate attempts from both sides to recover the ball after this, the game ended 1-1.

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