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Semi Pro XVII, Bloody Sunday
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Brainz n' waffles

gate: 12 000
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Broken Energy Potion Inc


Spare Me
Spare Me
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Badly Hurt'ers
Rip It

Bleddyn the Swearwolf
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Jump Juice
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Niggling Injury
Result added May 2nd, 2021

Match notes
The Necromantic started out bloodthirsty this Sunday, beating on the several meatshields the Shambling Undead had put as a defensive line. After the beating was done and the pitch was already flooding with blood, their ball carrier failed to pick up the ball, perhaps he wanted to be part of the bloodspilling himself! After all this madness, Friendly Joe found himself in hugging distance of several opposition players and one by one they tried to smash him good and he eventually had to bite the grass. The Shambling Undead followed up by also fouling him, giving him a niggling injury which quickly regenerated. Joseph the Saved was not as lucky, as he went down, but no lasting damage was inflicted.
The shambling undead had put a lot of pressure on the ball after the necromantic had gone two turns without picking it up, but the necromantic runner eventually found his bravery and dodged away to pick up the ball before running as fast as he could along the sideline, before eventually scoring the first touchdown of the half.

One could argue that Broken Energy Potion Inc was not in a rush to score just yet, but that didn't stop them from attempting a very risky long throw on their drive. It was a perfect throw from Urge though but eventually it was not enough. Brainz n' Waffles managed to steal the ball again and score a second touchdown before the half ended.

The second half seemed like a different match, it was a complete mess! Both teams failed in pretty much everything they tried to accomplish and it was a disaster of turnovers and a ball that nobody seemed to be able to hold on to or pick up. The ball even somehow found itself stuck inside on of the Necromantic players intestines for a turn.

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