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Semi Pro XVII, Bloody Friday Morning
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Brainz n' waffles

gate: 9 000
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Wrathalla Marauders


Spare Me
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Badly Hurt'ers

H.P. Lovedaft

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Spare Me
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Result added April 30th, 2021

Match notes
On a rather fine morning, the ref had gotten up on the wrong foot and immediately as the game started, decided to just simply kick down Wrathalla's Styrkár.

The Waffles kicked the ball to Wrathalla, who got off to a decent start as Tarfurr smashed a zombie lineman. It's wounds quickly regenated and the linesman stood on the sideline, eagerly waiting to get back on the pitch. The Necromantic Horrors wasn't shy of hitting hard either, with H.P. Lovedaft giving the same treatment to a Norse lineman.
Wrathalla thought they had found an opening, when the sideline was blocked by just a single werewolf standing just out of reach of any blocks. Then the Waffles pounced and surrounded the attacking horde, giving no space for the Norsemen to keep going. That didn't stop them from trying, but after their blitzing ball carrier could simply not pass the side-stepping Wraith blocking it's path. Lovedaft countered by knocking down the ball carrier which denied any further scoring opportunity.

The Norsemen seemed to panic in the second half, spending most of their re-rolls early on - leaving them dry for the rest of the match. The Necromantic didn't mind and went on to score halfway through the second half.
Wrathalla did a good attempt to equalize though, and it was only lack of time and some luck from the Necromantics which stopped them. What was initially looked to be a poor throw from Flosi ended up in the hands of an unintended target, Arnur, who continued on down the line. It was a risky task for Brainz n' Waffles to stop them, but Lovedaft once agains saved the day with a one die push to get the BC out of scoring range. Being forced to do a number of risky moves to score, with no rerolls left, it was eventually too much and a failed pickup on a pass made sure the Necromantic came out victorious.

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