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Semi Pro XVII, Fredagsball
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Wrathalla Marauders

gate: 4 000
2 TD score 0
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Broken Energy Potion Inc


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Rock Hard
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Result added April 23rd, 2021

Match notes
The first match for Wrathalla Marauders, VS Broken Energy Potion Inc. Broken Energy Potion Inc bought an keg to enjoy this match, little did they know how much they was gonna drink from it. Both sides had multiple pows and knock outs, resulting in some norse sleeping trough out the match, and some undeads drunk. The norse was able to steal the ball in the first drive, and get an touch down, but started the second drive with several men out. However, they was able to score again in the 5th round. The ref did not like this, and sucker punched Viljar right down, giving Broken Energy Potion Inc alot more men on the field, but they was just to short on time.

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