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Semi Pro XVII, Torsdagsball
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50 Blades of Grey

gate: 16 000
1 TD score 2
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Fungal FC


TD Scorers
Slaugoccus Pukephlegm
Slaugoccus Pukephlegm
Foulers (no cas)
Bubonos Plaguespleen
Sent off
Bubonos Plaguespleen
Badly Hurt'ers
Mumpius Plaguspume
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fans / random event

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Polypurk Pukeskin
Sustained Injuries

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Niggling Injury
profile aka Nicole Killman
Rancgungus Sporepulp dead
Result added April 26th, 2021

Match notes
The goblins had the nurgle team just about wiped off the pitch in the first half of this strange game. Chainsaw fouls, and Varag chewed through everything they touched.
In the name of sportsmanship, they did not decide to camp on the touchdown line until the rest of the nurgle team had gone away. But the sacrifice of bribes and secret weapons did nothing to satisfy nuffle, who showed that there is no excuse to withhold bloodshed on the field. This allowed the nurgle team to equalize with a standard grind, and smash the remaining team members to a pulp. Ending the match 2-1.

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