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Semi Pro XVII, Bloody Tuesday Evening
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gate: 14 000
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Fungal FC


Rosalvo Dreadbringer
TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)
Rancgungus Sporepulp dead
Bubonos Plaguespleen
Sent off
Bubonos Plaguespleen
Badly Hurt'ers
Glutrite Sporespurt
Blebius Mouldmunch
foul by Rancgungus Sporepulp dead

Run Forrest Run
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Run Forrest Run
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profile aka Nicole Killman
Sustained Injuries

-1 PA

victim healed by apoth
Vinnauk dead
Result added April 20th, 2021

Match notes
(((Coach Halfthumb uses Plague Ridden on Makhai's dead number 2 - Vinnauk)))

Makhai started kicking the ball, but they were not happy with their kickers effort and decided against chasing the open ball after Fungal FC failed to pick up the ball, and instead focusing on setting up a strong defense. Fungal FC managed to pick the ball up on the next turn and started their offense.
The elves were aggressive on their defense and used every opportunity they had to hit the ball carrier. First it was Licrunnan Hellblade who found an opening and bravely went in with several opposition players supporting the ball carrier yet still managed to strip the ball off the ball carrier.
It did serve to slow Fungal FC down, but their number 2 still retrieved the ball again the next turn and the attack continued. As the Nurgles grinded their way forward they managed to take out one of the elves as number 4 took out the elven number 4. No lasting injury was inflicted.
Just when it looked like Fungal FC had found a way though, and goal was just a few steps away, Rosalvo Dreadbringer bravely leaped into the cage and managed to stumble the ball carrier.
Suddenly time was against Fungal FC and in an attempt to pick up the ball and run away, they failed a go for it and the ball was once against loose for Makhai to pick up. Sore Nethertaker did just that, and try as they might the Nurgle team just could not knock her down. The first half ended with a 0-0.

The second half started with a Blitz for Fungal FC, but lacking a kicker they couldn't use it to much of an advantage other than knocking down one of the elves on the frontline.
The elves did not hold back their attack and quickly moved down the side. Run Forrest Run did a dump-off to Rosalvo Dreadbringer, who kept the attack running while the other witch elf managed to surf two opposition Pestigors on the way. Soon after they scored the touchdown, and it might have been enough time left for Fungal FC to score had it not been for an unfortunate Time-Out.

The kicker on the elven team did not have a good day and this time around his kick landed in the arms of an unsuspecting nurgle lineman, aka Nicole Killman, in an impressive feat on the first match for her new team. Proudly, she ran over to their usual ball carrier and handed off the ball. It was still not enough for a score and instead the Nurgles found time to start killing off the bothersome elves, the first kill was saved by their apothecary while the second kill caused a bad infection on the lineman Vinnauk - causing him to rise as an undead, betraying his former elven friends and joining the nurgles on the sideline instead. Fungal's number 12 also wanted to get the blood flowing but the ref was not impressed and sent him off the pitch.

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