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Semi Pro XVII, søndagsball#1
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The Crimson Tide

gate: 13 000
1 TD score 2
cas score
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no custom badge
Fungal FC


Lillith, the Firstborn Bounty (100000 gp)
TD Scorers
Slaugoccus Pukephlegm
Epidemik Sporeleech
Foulers (no cas)
Rancgungus Sporepulp dead
Sent off
Badly Hurt'ers
Mumpius Plaguspume

Blebius Mouldmunch
Typhidex Festershield

Vakasha Netherblade
Elizaveta Von Lichten
Completions by
TTM Completions by
Interceptions by
Deflections by

Vakasha Netherblade
MVP awards to
Bubonos Plaguespleen
Sustained Injuries

Renfield Jr.
Niggling Injury

S. King Jr.
-1 PA
Result added April 18th, 2021

Match notes
Fairly standard blood bowl match today. Nurgle 2-1 grind, with too many vampire casualties to keep the field. The ref was however not happy about this, and he kept beating on nurgle players in order to get them to play a more interesting game. The fans keep leaving the Crimson Tide, as the touchdowns dwindle. They probably came to see the beast Lioncourt. But he was lingering in the stands with his concubines today. Something that did not help the beaten team.

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Keffo Kup 18
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