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Children of the Stars

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Fungal FC


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Bludokh the Unclean
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Badly Hurt'ers
Blebius Mouldmunch
Blebius Mouldmunch

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Epidemik Sporeleech
Result added April 14th, 2021

Match notes
Two games in one day. The beating of the fan favorite team in the first game had the audience in a rage. They stormed the pitch during the first kickoff, stunning three Fungal pestigors. This did not leave much defence for the ball. Allowing the Children to score relatively early. Fungal came back with a steady drive, as the rain started pouring down. They tried to dodge away to TD in the very last turn of first half. But Pukephlegm failed the easy 2+, falling straight on his face.
Second half started with a fine blitz by the Children of the Stars' top scorer, who easily made his way under the ball.
Unfortunately, 5 turns later, nobody had been able to get the ball off the field.
The Thing bravely tried to coach the other players on the team to grab the ball, While three of the fungal's disturbing players were stuck being afraid to touch the much worse looking Children on the line. But since nobody managed to grab the slippery thing, he ultimately had to do the deed himself.
This left the other nurgle team 3 turns to score. One of them even grew a protective shell, then and there. The thing showed them that 11+ armor was nothing compared to the glory of Nuffle, and put them in the KO box immediately after.
The ball had been ignored, however, and an unfortunate turnover allowed Fungal FC to get an unopposed touchdown.

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