Match result

Semi Pro XVII, Tirsdagsball
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The Crimson Tide

gate: 14 000
3 TD score 2
cas score
Nurgle logo
no custom badge
Fungal FC


Lillith, the Firstborn Bounty (100000 gp)
Lillith, the Firstborn Bounty (100000 gp)
William De Lioncourt
TD Scorers
Epidemik Sporeleech
Slaugoccus Pukephlegm
Foulers (no cas)
Polypurk Pukeskin
Sent off
Polypurk Pukeskin
Badly Hurt'ers
Rancgungus Sporepulp dead
Glutrite Sporespurt

Vakasha Netherblade

foul by Bubonos Plaguespleen
Mumpius Plaguspume
Completions by
TTM Completions by
Interceptions by
Deflections by

William De Lioncourt
MVP awards to
Glutrite Sporespurt
Sustained Injuries

Elizaveta Von Lichten
Lillith, the Firstborn Bounty (100000 gp)
Miss Next Game
Niggling Injury
Bactidus Bilespume
Result added April 13th, 2021

Match notes
The Nurgle team did not take any chances today. With murder in their eyes, they slammed down anyone daring to get close. Blodge did nothing against their brutal assault. The vampire KO-box was so full, they had to start stacking the bodies to make room. With six players on the field, third drive, nobody had much hope. Until Lillith did a marvellous blitz, and stole the ball before the putrid Fungal players could react. Even with this second touchdown, none of the ko'ed players returned to the pitch. They were out cold.
At one point in the second half, it looked like Fungal FC might win due to the vamps not having enough players to set up for a drive. And when the Tide's top scorer was sent out with no regen, as well as a spent apothecary, it looked even more grim. It seemed like The Crimson Tide was playing for the draw. At best.

Luckily on the final drive of the match, four out of eight casualties decided to wake up, and get back in the fight. And through nothing but the blessing of Nuffle, Lioncourt, the Crimson Tide's captain; Saved the day. Doing a two-turn score, with no rerolls left. Ending the match 3-2 in the vampires' favour.

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