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Semi Pro XVII, søndagsball#2_2
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The Brawlin' Bitches

gate: 6 000
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Beowulf the Werewaffle
Beowulf the Werewaffle
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E.A. Woe
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Result added April 11th, 2021

Match notes
The undead started throwing on a late sunday afternoon. the wather was perfect but the amazons still barely managed to clumsily gather the ball and set up a cage, spending two rerolls already on the first turn. Eventually it lead to their ball carrier, Kari, falling on an attempted dodge the following turn.
The undeads did not manage to take advantage of this however, as their werewolf Bleddyn failed to pick up the ball.
This time, the amazons took care of business as the undeads were scattered all over the place, unable to prevent a mid-game 1-0 score.

Inspired, the amazons managed a perfect kick off as the ball landed all the way down in the corner of the opposition goal line.
it was a long run for the werewolves to bring the ball across the entire pitch. But a well planned hand-off and fast moving werewolves was exactly what was needed to get a touchdown on the very last turn.

Now the amazons found themselves having to kick the ball on a draw in the second half. They must have forgotten about the danger of the frenzying werewolves, and as such found their blitzers standing dangerously close to the edge which ended up with two of their blitzers being surfed off the sidelines. The crowd went easy on the newcomers though, and no more damage was caused.
Outnumbered however, they found it difficult to stop the attacking horde and by turn 6 Beowulf scored his second goal of the day.
This became the final score as the amazons, desperate to score, saw the snake-eyes hit them twice in a row.

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