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Semi Pro XVII, søndagsball#2
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Children of the Stars

gate: 11 000
1 TD score 1
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Cow Tipping Farmers


profile One That Should Not Be
TD Scorers

profile Read The Wrong Book
Foulers (no cas)
Sent off

profile One That Should Not Be
profile Disciple of Yaggatha Bounty (140000 gp)
profile Shub'Niggurath
Badly Hurt'ers
mercenary / star
Tjoy Tjame

foul by The Lurking Fear

foul by Fjedjikk
Ploy Bjane
mercenary / star
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profile Shub'Niggurath
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Sustained Injuries

victim regenerated
Miss Next Game
Toje på Spojet

victim regenerated
-1 ST

profile Karl the Cultist dead
Result added April 11th, 2021

Match notes
The Cow Tippers were still hand-held by Morg. And it was obvious it made the Nurgle coach shiver in his knees. The humans also seemed to be very friendly with the Ref. Probably because they brought the biggest star in the game.
Humans chose to receive first, and started a long grind towards the nurgle td zone. Scoring in round 7. Which didn't leave the nurglings time to equalize.
Second half, the Nurgle number six did some elven-rivaling running, and screened off the human team, scoring a td in turn 2.
Apparently someone also greased up Morgs shoes during the half-time break. He had a lot of trouble moving around, and double skulled against the thing that should not be.
This allowed nurgle to run off with the ball, but they could not keep it. Even though Morg still kept rolling skulls with his slippery shoes. Although he did manage to kill off the nurgle kicker in the process.

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