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Semi Pro XVII, Smi Pro XVII, Bloody Thursday morning
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Brainz n' waffles

gate: 4 000
2 TD score 1
cas score
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Winterland Waaaghers


Beowulf the Werewaffle
H.P. Lovedaft
TD Scorers

Foulers (no cas)
Sent off
Badly Hurt'ers

H.P. Lovedaft
Bleddyn the Swearwolf

Bleddyn the Swearwolf
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Sustained Injuries
Ogdoc dead
Skrosz dead
Result added April 8th, 2021

Match notes
(Coach Maestitia uses Necromancer to raise the dead half orc Ogdoc as a Zombie Lineman)

What started as a very sunny morning saw the black orcs of Winterland Waaaghers starting the day by kicking the ball to the undead team Brainz n' Waffles. Enjoying the sunny weather, the wraith H.P. Lovedaft managed to get off a turn one kill on Ogdoc, it's ghastly attack melting the insides of the poor black orc.

Beowulf easily picked up the ball, managed to avoid one attack before Scix bravely dodged into the undead cage, managing to knock over the ball carrier with just a single die. Scix's bravery was promptly followed up by being surfed, before Beowulf once again picked up the ball. In a desperate attempt to stop the ball carrier, the troll attempted to throw one of his goblin teammates but unfortunately ended up throwing him the wrong way. Now unchallenged the werewolf would score the first goal of the game. Meanwhile Smircok managed to get himself sent off trying to foul one of the opposition players. Their coach tried to argue with the ref but to no avail.

By the new drive, the sun had calmed down a bit, but things did not go much better for the black orcs as their troll failed to hit his intended target, instead getting itself knocked down causing an early turnover. The undeads used this to their advantage, fouling the troll and knocking him off the pitch. It did not help their team when Skrosz failed twice to pick up the ball, leaving them unable to score an equalizer before the end of the half.

The troll did not wish to return to the game in the second half, but rather stand on the sideline to mend it's pride.
The black orcs, now in low numbers, struggled to find a way through the opposition defense, and another casualty made things worse as the werewolf Bleddyn killed the goblin Skrosz. The ref wanted to send off yet another goblin for a foul, but listened keenly to the coach as he once again tried to argue to call. Eventually, nearing the end of the game, Ragluc finally found his way to the touchline, after H.P. Lovedaft failed to knock him down.

The Necromantic Horrors had just two turns to score, and it looked hopeless as their ball carrier were knocked down with just one turn to go. But in desperation Bleddyn managed to dodge his way out of danger, pick up the ball and to find a perfect pass, far across the pitch, to Beowulf who stood on the sideline, ready to catch the ball. With a blitz he knocked down the opposition goblin who stood in it's way and managed to score a touchdown at the very last action of the match.

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