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Semi Pro XVII, søndagsball#1
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Cow Tipping Farmers


Vegoth Fellshard
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Toje på Spojet
Henjik Ingebjigsten
Toje på Spojet
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Result added April 4th, 2021

Match notes
It was a fine evening for a Blood Bowl match on Cow Tipping Farmers debut game as they went up against Makhai. The Dark Elves started off by kicking the ball and sought to take advantage of the debutant coach, before the ball had even landed from the kick several of the elves were already standing ready to catch it. The clumsy witch elf could not hold onto the ball, however.
Nuffle must have been unimpressed with the dark elf team trying to take advantage of the newcomers and unleashed his wrath upon their team through Morg 'n' Thorg, which the Cow Tipping Farmers had hired for this match. Morg, infused with Nuffle's wrath, would go on to absolutely demolish the elven team in quick fashion and promptly killed the elf journeyman as soon as the match began. Morg would continue his rampage and by the third turn there was already four elves dead or mending their wounds on the sideline, gone from the game.

Perhaps they were encouraged by the giant killing machine, or perhaps it was out of fear, but regardless the cow tippers took advantage and quickly managed to score twice during the first half. Toje på Spojet would score the first goal, following by another quick 2-0 goal from Henjik Ingebjitsen after the dark elves had failed to even pick up the ball, leaving the elves with a difficult time to get anything out of the match as they failed to score twice. The dreaded snake-eyes seemed to haunt them today, surely more of Nuffle's wrath. Four times in total the snake-eyes came to visit them, causing the coach on the sideline to wonder just what his elves had been doing the previous night to become this clumsy.

On the other end, the Ogre - Eddie Hall - seemed to be confused as to why it wasn't he who was doing all the smashing, and as such spent a lot of time contemplating this. An astonishing ten times he stood dumbfounded in the middle of the pitch, lost in thought.
It was not an issue for the cow tippers, however, as the debutants flawlessly played their tactics and took advantage of their lead, still managing to prevent the dark elves from scoring after they saw a flaw in the dark elf defense, allowing for the elven ball carrier to be surfed.
They owe many thanks to the bloodthirsty Morg as well as flawless throwing from their number 5, Kastefjans who thrice threw the ball to their teams catchers, allowing for maximum distance away from the elves whom in low numbers were locked in and unable to chase. A third goal for the cow tippers were scored once again by Toje på Spojet, securing the victory as the mere five elves left on the pitch could do naught but watch.

Eventually, at the very end of the match Makhai's number 10, Vegoth Fellshard, managed to get a consolation goal. But the real talk of the match was that there was a new team in town, and they had shown they were no mere pushovers - they were the real deal!

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