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Semi Pro XVII, Kickoff
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Children of the Stars

gate: 14 000
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Sore Nethertaker
Rokreras Duskstriker
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Sore Nethertaker

profile One That Should Not Be
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The Lurking Fear
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Rosalvo Dreadbringer
Result added April 3rd, 2021

Match notes
It was pouring down the entire match, like the heavens themselves had opened. The rain might've been laced with Warpstone, beacause one of the Nurgle players grew a Big Hand to help with grabbing the ball, after the crowd cheered for Nuffle. But even so, they started kicking.
Yaggatha freed the ball, on the sidelines, in the first turn, but an unfortunate scatter saw to a quick dark elf touchdown.
The dark elves also managed to surf the Nurgle rotspawn! The Makai coach is really getting the hang of these foul tactics, because it was not parked anywhere near the sideline.
Nuffle still favored the cheering Nurgle crowd, and a Fouling Frenzy was started in the final drive of round 1. Nothing was gained, though. Perhaps the chaos coach is getting soft?
Seeing as his favoured team did not do much of anything with his gift, Nuffle instead opted to listen to the other crowd in the first drive of second half. Creating some dangerous trapdoors.
The Nurgle team did what seemed like advanced tactics, and encircled the elves in a steel cage of tentacles and blood-red dice. Although this might have just been blind luck, it did allow a quick, unopposed score.
The elves did a fine counterattack, though the ball did get stuck in some tentacles, and the witch elf refused to lay hands on the thing due to Foul Appearance. Unfortunately, it did not hold. Making the plague ridden sods fight for a draw, at best.

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