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Semi Pro XVI, onsdagsball
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Children of the Stars

gate: 19 000
1 TD score 3
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Green Rangers


The Lurking Fear
TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers

The Lurking Fear
One That Should Not Be
Serious Injurers


One That Should Not Be
Disciple of Yaggatha
Completions By
Lady Titania
Lady Titania
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One That Should Not Be
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Lady Titania
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Result added February 10th, 2021

Match notes
The stadium was merely sporadically filled today, as these teams clashed yet again. The rangers seem to have a faithful following that comes to see spectacular deaths on the pitch.
First round of the match, they got what they came for as the nurgle beast ate the rangers hopeful journeyman.
It did not deter the elves at all, who ran the ball in turn 2.
The starspawn almost made 1-1, but it did require a gfi into the touchdown zone, with no reroll available, and thus it was an inevitable fail. The crowd was very angered by this show of failure, and tossed a rock first turn, second half. It was probably intended for the nurgle beast standing in front of him, but it hit a poor elf standing on the line.
The elves kept running circles around the nurgle coach, who still position too aggressively on offence against these fast teams. The elves got to the ball almost at the same time the pestigors did. Making two more touchdowns for the elves.
The nurgle coach eventually sobered up, or at least managed to knock out both wardancers. So that the newly hired pestigor managed to hop and skip ahead of the curve, to get a much needed touchdown.

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