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Semi Pro XVI, Lørdagsball
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Blood Eagles

gate: 20 000
3 TD score 2
cas score
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Green Rangers


TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)
Badly Hurt'ers
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Completions By
Lady Titania
Lady Titania

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Lady Titania
Sustained Injuries
Result added December 20th, 2020

Match notes
Todays' match started with a caged push by the Khornates. Short and brutal, it ended with a mostly unopposed touchdown, round 4.
No casualties led the elves to answer by storming the opposing field with a ton of bodies, and it seemed like it would be a quick equalizer by their top passer. But to the joy of the chaos crowd, the ball was intercepted by the Bloodthirster himself!
What was less popular was his decision to -not- beat the elves senseless with the ball, but rather casually walking over to Agarond for a hand-off.
It did grant the chaos team another touchdown, though.
The elves still had two turns to score, but their plans were fouled by an unexpected Khorne blitz, in which Chulainn managed to reach and grab the ball.

Second half was not better for the elves, who failed a pass, first thing. Then followed by failing a rerolled gfi, turn two.
Although, they did recover, snatching the ball from two tacklezones, marked by tackler, and ran in a score turn three.

The rest of the second half were spent in a mud pile in the middle of the field. Where nobody was able to get the ball out.
A lucky scatter, and a dodge by the Khorne team captain, Kratos finally broke out, making their third touchdown inevitable.

By round 7, second half, there was still no significant amount of blood on the field. Something that annoyed both the crowd and surely Khorne himself. There is no other explanation for a simple rock tossed from the stands, to fell a Bloodthirster! This is what happened as the teams set up for the last drive of the match. Luckily it was only a stun.

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