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Match result

Semi Pro XVI, Torsdagsball
Goblin logo
no custom badge
50 Blades of Grey

gate: 22 000
1 TD score 3
cas score
Wood Elf logo
no custom badge
Green Rangers


TD Scorers
Foulers (no cas)

Badly Hurt'ers
Asrael dead
Tiak’oast dead
Serious Injurers

foul by Halve Halvan
foul by Ole
Completions By
Lady Titania
Lady Titania
Interceptions By

Halve Halvan
MVP awards to
Sustained Injuries
victim healed by apoth
Result added December 18th, 2020

Match notes
Not sure what the fans were coming to see, after the stomping the grey goblins got last time these two teams met. But I assume it has to be for the gore. It actually seemed to be a good forst half for the goblins, which chose to receive in order to maximize the carnage their different tools brought to the field. They took out two elves in the first turn. One KO, and the other was stomped to death by a sneaky git, who was sent straight off the pitch by a grumpy ref.
The elves, rightfully kept their distance after that. When the goblins were in scoring position in their 7th turn, the wardancer dared a blitz, but failed a leap, landing spot in the middle of an angry mob of goblins and trolls. He was dead for a full minute, after being sawed in half by the goblin chainsaw. Luckily the wandering apothecary managed to put the pieces back together. The ref sent the chainsaw wielding player off the pitch along with a red card. None of this prevented Baktus from running in the touchdown, however.
With only two turns to equalize, the elves were rushing the other side of the pitch, but Baktus was there again, to fell the wardancer on the sidelines. A bad ballscatter still allowed another elf to snatch it from the tackle zones of two guarding trolls. Making the score 1-1, first half.

With many key players gone by second half, and the wardancer back on the pitch, the goblins had a much harder game. The elves ignored all tries to block and doge with their quick reflexes, and the trolls tried to eat every goblin they touched. Luckily none actually became a meal.

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