0767 Oslo Rams

Race:  Chaos Chosen
Coach:  The Ref
As with all Chaos Chosen teams, some or all of 0767 Oslo Rams' players may ascend to demonhood and be called back to serve the dark gods in other ways or other realms.

When this happens, 0767 Oslo Rams management will sacrifice a goat and pray for a team re-spawn or guidance to identify the new chosen heroes to do the dark gods' bidding on the Gridiron.

0767 Oslo Rams team badge
Bulletin board from the coach
Oct. 31st, 2022 - old news
All our old heroes are sent back to the other side of the warp!

Our god has replenished us with new deamons and goats for the Oslo BBL s4 Fresh Meat division!
- The Ref
July 30th, 2021 - old news
We Challenge Thee, Skineaters!
Chaos divide*
Chaos provide**

Come watch the champions fight it out in Horrid SkinEaters - 0767 Oslo Rams (Champions Cup, First Sub Finals)

* Rearranging the player numbers on Horrid SkinEaters might confuse the coach..
** The underdogs have aquired the help of a mercenary Giant..
- The Ref
Feb. 22nd, 2021 - old news
Chaos Champions!
Winning the ROTYL XX makes us Champions of the AnBBL, it also truly shows we're the chosen champions of the Chaos Gods!
- The Ref
Tournaments played:
Playing in:
Champions Cup, OsloBBL s04
Trophies won:
Rookie Of The Year: ROTYL XX


--Empty body--
--Empty mind--
--Another dimension--
--Another time--
--cometh daemon!--
--cometh beasts!--
--join the slaughter!--
--join the feast!--
--gather touchdowns--
--gather glory--
--win the matches!--
--make it gory!--
--zero seven sixty seven--
--Oslo Rams will tear down heaven!--

Team Portrait

AnBBL Champions
RookieOfTheYear XXI
Keffo Kup 18
Nellie's Golden Juggs
Oslo BBL Champion
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