Baxter Mittens

Baxter Mittensdead
Human Catcher,
Purple Bluebirds


Interceptions: 0
Deflections: 0
Completions: 1
Touchdowns: 6
Casualties: 0
MVP awards: 0
Unspent SPP: 5 (19)
Fouls: 0





8 2 3+ 5+ 8+ Catch, Dodge, Block, Nerves of Steel

Sustained Injuries:  DEATH!

Was killed in the match Lords of the Pit - Purple Bluebirds (Season III, SC round 1).

Ashamed after dropping 3 secure TD passes in his first game, Baxter Mittens redeemed himself after fouling Lords of the Pit player Bargle to death, cashing in the 20kgp bounty. Scoring his and the game's first TD also made him look good in the eyes of his coach.

Beeing the only catcher eligable for play at Purple Bluebirds - Lucky 13 (Season II, round 3), Baxter Mittens had to perform again. And he did - totally redeeming himself in the eyes of Purple Bluebirds fans and coaching staff. Cathing everything thrown at him, and scoring 3 TD's, showed everybody that Baxter Mittens has overcome the "rookie nerves" hinted in the mediocre game against Hooves of Hashut April 11th. He even handed the ball over to Eightball McClansman for another TD pass when he himself could go for the TD. This shows he's no longer an egoistic bigmouth, but actuall that the team spirit is setting in. He's now a favored member amongst the other players, not to mention the screaming fans.

Baxter Mittens went back to his old self, though after scoring the first TD, when dropping a shure TD pass. This leavs him in the open for the Lords of the Pit defence to lash out at him, killing him and turning him into a zombie named Baxter Mittenz.

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