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Halvan dead
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Badly Hurt'ers
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Stale Fry retired
Line Cook

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Result added September 10th, 2020

Match notes
There was bound to be a goblin festival in town this match, because of the 23k people who came to watch, 16k were goblins! The crowd was almost entirely one sided. And even those with Big Mac colours were forced to cheer along with the grey mass. (Friendly Fans card).
The Ogres had looked forward to seeing Greaselord, their brand new block ogre, mash some goblin hides. But rumors say he's had too much grease this time, and ran off the field right after kickoff. (Bad Burger card).
The Slave Giant was still on, though. Seeming even larger among all the tiny snotlings and goblins.
Sadly, the loss of their best player confused the ogres so much the first two turns, that they could do nothing but watch the chaos that ensued.
This allowed the goblins to completely overrun the oppositions side by turn four. Sadly they could not pick up the scattered ball.
Though, upon hearing the ball scatter, and the crowd go wild, the Greaselord stormed out of the local facilities, entering the field from their friendly TD zone. With a trail of bad burgers still sprouting from his backside. (Card). He subsequently gained both disturbing presence and foul appearance. (Card)

By this time, the goblin chainsaw wielder had spent three turns sawing away at the giants toes, and finally sent him to the infirmary.

The interference by Greaselord did help the ogres to a score in the first half, though. And the goblins did not have enough time to equalize, due to a failed always hungry troll.

This caused the stadium to be really riled up. The referee could not allow the ball and chain player to leave the field. For fear of his own health.
After a bit of back and forth, the goblins scored their first goal in the fifth round of second half.

The crowd went wild, and invaded the stadium. They stomped all over the ogres, while only a single goblin was hurt. Only Greaselord was left standing, probably due to the rather unpleasant smell.

With no opposition to stop them, the goblins walked in another touchdown almost straight away. The ref granted the coach leniency, for a third time, when he argued the call on the ball and chain. He did indeed please the crowds!

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